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Has died. KFBK is Jordan Christmas has the latest details to emerge. The shooter was identified as Samuel Cassidy, who officials say shot himself indicted the scene. Shooting happened at the Valley Transportation Authority Rail yard yesterday morning. The shooting left a people dead and another victim was taken to the hospital when critical condition but died. Wait last night. Officials say Cassidy was an employee of E T. A. The FBI also responded to Cassidy's home after a fire was set earlier that morning. Shortly before the shooting, Santa Clara County officials released the names of the victims last night. Jordan Christmas News 93.1. KFBK. This is the deadliest mass shooting in Bay Area history will have more on this morning's new developments in five minutes. Elsewhere in the news this morning, a judge's order the alleged killer of Sacramento police officer Terror O'Sullivan to stand trial for murder Can't because Johnny D. Agostini reports a Sacramento Superior Court judge has ordered a Dell some Brana Ramos To stand trial for the murder of Officer O'Sullivan. Accusations also include the attempted murder of seven other law enforcement officers who braved a hail of more than 150 bullets trying to rescue a soul event after she was fatally wounded, moving forward. Deputy District Attorney Jeff Hightower says he will seek the death penalty for Ramos. Johnny D. Augustine E. There's 93.1 Calf became new numbers this morning show gun sales in California rose last year, according to the FBI background checks for people buying guns increased 65% in 2020. Analysts say Gun sales in the state of remained high due to the pandemic, Social justice protesting and the 2020 presidential election This morning. The CDC has approved a new antibody treatment for Corona Virus Infections cave because Brian Shook has more. The agency granted emergency use authorization to Veer biotechnology and GlaxoSmithKline's monoclonal antibody drug, making it the third such treatment for early covert infections. Antibody treatments mimic the body's natural immune response to viruses to help fight them. The drug is meant for people who are at high risk of having a severe reaction to the respiratory illness. Brian shook news. 93.1 kfbk is no longer taking down posts that say Corona virus was man made. More from KFC case, Mark Mayfield, the social media giant, has been removing false claims and conspiracy theories about the virus. But now that policy is changing amid President Biden, ordering an investigation into where Cove it began. He says. Two scenarios air possible, either it's spread when a person came into contact with an infected animal, or it's the result of a lab accident in China. Mark Mayfield News 93.1 KFBK Well, that story leads us very nicely into the featured audio clip this hour, five all five of the time in this Thursday morning as numerous reports begin to emerge at the Corona virus may have been leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. There is also growing concern The U. S interest either from the government or from universities may have actually been sending money to the communist Chinese government for what is known as gain of function research. Essentially, this is research that could lead to super viruses like covert 19 being created in labs. In light of these reports, the U. S Senate passed an amendment that would prohibit U. S tax dollars from being spent on such research in China it in our featured audio clip this hour, You will hear first from Senator Rand Paul, Republican Kentucky and then from Senator Gary Peters, Democrat Michigan. We may never know whether the pandemic arose from the lab in Wuhan. But we do know that So far, no intermediate animal host has been discovered. Thousands of animals at the wet market have been looked at. None of them have carried Cove in 19. We've tried to infect covert 19 into bats. It doesn't grow well in bats. It seems most adapted and suitable for humans. We may not know whether this ever arose out of a Wuhan lab, but I think gain of function research where we take a deadly virus, sometimes much more deadly than Cove. It And then we increase its transmissibility to mammals is wrong in 2014. NIH stopped all of this research. I'm using the same definition to say any gain of function. Research should not be funded in China with U S taxpayer dollars and I recommended Yes, but thank you. Mr President, I ask.

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