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On Facebook. We will see if the saints go all the way gotta less month to find that out. Got a lot of coverage this weekend. Everybody a lot of coverage. We'll be at Rouse's in Covington on Saturday. That's over there on bootlegger road that one the new houses up there. It's myself. Bobby a barren deuce McAllister from noon to three on Saturday. A certainly hoping to join us. We have had a and absolute blast on these monthly is that we're doing throughout the saints season. And the playoff version, adding and arouses on Lee Road on Saturday, noon to three the new routes is up there. And then on Sunday. Our coverage starts at eleven. Am full saints game day coverage kick it off with fans for steak with Steve court and myself on Sunday eleven to one thirty extra half hour of fans. I take that day and Steve courts begin hand. He'll be on the show next hour. So stay tuned for that to the phone lines. We go Benjamin in Folsom Europe. Benjamin what's going on? I'm just wondering back to the topic on. Would you take since? Game on the number one rush defense, but that's not what teams will do with the game on the line. They're gonna pass and they have the rain pasta and Nick foles can secondary. So I would say the saints offense because there's more reliable. He's got. Game winning touchdown. Touchdown. Fourth quarter over time at the end. And so. Yeah. I take I take often. Yeah. I'm not saying I disagree with you there Benjamin. I think I'd rather have the ball number nine sands as well. Two games. I've of agreeing with you right to your point here. There's a huge disparity between the saints. Rush defense and the saints pass defense. Remember teams are playing from behind though that inflates the yardage numbers. But even if you look at the advanced numbers, which I think are better indicator of how good or bad your certain parts of your defense are the saints pass defense is ranked number twenty two against the past number three against the rush in Devi since your point there. You're right much worse against the pass. And did write about this today. The Nick foles is a much better thrower against man coverage with the saints have been playing a lot more men coverage especially since Eli apple came over. I am wondering if they're going to change that and scheme up some zone designs here against Nick foles, just has not been a good thrower the football good passer against zone coverage. Interesting to see what happens there about Joe in Mandeville resin cowboy fan here. Joe what's going on? Yes. One a one b between back in. Sean tell you neither one can eat broadside on the twenty five dollars. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Yeah. But I think the offense the dachshund allows him to be a little more successful in my mind than especially in big moments against a good defenses than than to Shawn Watson. I just have. I don't know why Bill O'Brien get so much credibility Branson nothing in the post six years. And they're not they're not game breakers. But they are good and managing the game. And they'd done well with both of them. But real quick this is my point you guys better be aware of the front for pilling. I'm telling you, they do not mess him around. Damn near stoned Elliott to concussion out. Lamar miller. Broke coast leg and they damn. You're busy flag. I'm telling you. They're taking out players is a conspiracy or not each guys are very physical and somebody will get hurt. And I will tell you this Joe Fletcher Cox has had a reputation of being dirty football player. He's had that since he came into the league really since before he came into the league. He's obviously a sensational talent. But so was and so is while maybe so was dominating. Sue, just because you're a sensational talent doesn't mean or not a little dirty here. I'm not saying anything was intentional in. The instance, you mentioned they're saying we're going to have their hands full that admits affronts Cox. It's it's everybody. I just be highly worried about Michael Bennett there who can move inside and outside. Let's go to Chris who's in Las Vegas at the embassy apparently in Las Vegas. Chris. What's going on? Yes, sir. Thank you for taking my call. Hello. I have three points, and I'll be very quick, and I'm very quit on the point after. So I've never been on your show. So it's an honor to be on here, sir. All right. Appreciate it. Chris. Yes, sir. The first thing is is about the the who DAT nation crowd. And you had mentioned about dude nation not understanding the importance of the game, or I don't put words in your mouth. But I can promise you. Nation who's been in the dome like myself from sulphur Louisiana, but still a season ticket holder since the nineties. I mean, I think everybody recalls what happened in thirteen seasons? Oh, six divisional game. I wanna just ask you. I gotta stop you here because we got people listening. This is radio flipped the channel and flip in and out. And I wanna make sure that you're not you are putting words into my mouth. When did you hear me say that? I don't think they should knows what they're doing as far as the big moments football. I'm confused there. No, no. I'm not saying that. But but as far as when when when the discussion was about, you know, taking taking the eagles seriously this weekend, and you know. Yeah. I seriously. I just I think some in the fan base c that forty one point win and her thinking, okay. This is going to be the same kind of game near there. I'd say, yeah. Okay. All right. You got a little bit worse. Look, I'm not I'm but all I wanna just reassure everybody that that dome will be loud, especially section one seventeen mature leader. And it's loud, it's going to be loud. And because we I think everybody recalls the history between the two programs, and it's been great. I think it's been great to be a great game. And it's going to be tighter than what it was. 'cause everybody understands that it's a different teams, especially under under foles. So that's that's number one. And number two. I am a Homer Dak Prescott was born in calcium hospital and software Louisiana LSU passed on him sheepish, Mississippi State, and we learned that college college different from the pros. But I got gotta get of course, I'm not a cowgirl fan. But I gotta get back. Some surprise. I think he's done. Well, and he's been been part of you know, turning that that team around the last point is defense versus offense. I would I would typically probably say offense. But I'm gonna go defense on this. Because of the who that they should because the game, you know, the crap we're smart fans were quite when drew Brees it works. He's a surgeon. But when we're on defense, and it comes down, and it was tied up the crowds. Don't get behind that defense. And we're gonna see a turnover. I hope so. The point. All right. I hope So Chris I hope so I will say like I've been saying all week. I think the most terrifying thing in football right now is Nick foles and the Philadelphia offense on the field down by less than a score with about two minutes to play. There is nothing that would terrify me more if I'm opposing defensive coordinator than that then fell thanks for the call. Thanks for listening. More your calls coming back here. Lots to talk about saints and Philly 504-260-1870 still a.

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