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Yesterday wick said he was his baseline seats right there underneath the hoop away from assault expansion he goes you know were sitting there going out cool we just lost the nba finals lakers pierce's dump couple other highlights i did tweet out a picture the guy and a cobi jersey who sitting right behind breen van gundy in jackson who are doing the call he was basically front row and work cobi jersey to a cash celtics game during the pierce retirement jersey ceremony you sir of the worst i tweeted out that it's the worst and then somebody actually tweeted at me and said hey this is the do the in the kobe jersey you're a clown you know five rings whatever which is here's show your boy pierce respect in lake nona you don't get this in this is a this is a rule everywhere if you're the heart of fan and yes i remember when i was super red sox guy when they be playing the raise backed in the devil rays in some old clown from quino you'd have been from queens late but i don't even wanna see from like yonkers not even from burrow from the sean cours he's going to twenty six you know eightball jacket 26 world champions d brown leather vintage like he's warned that jacket every day saved upward bought it a cooperstown and he's wearing that jacket in the grandstands at fenway when they're playing the race just like shot up dude get out of here and be the same way of the cubs planned the brewers and you had your ricky and kill jersey on your cards fan like figure it out and there was a kkob tribute video where he was saying what up to paul because there is a big thing on like inglewood in pierce was destroyed that he got so bummed out of your picked by the celtics plane right outside of their old stop the least grown up and who's younger.

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