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From Warriors headquarters in terms of I dig last. We heard from you guys about a week ago. You an Bob Myers held a conference call. I think at that time everybody in your organization I think was was fine was healthy And and you guys were pretty clear about that. You weren't going to have any preemptive testing for the corona virus Any updates on any of that since we last heard from you guys know nothing's changed we We don't have anybody who has a come down with the symptoms and therefore we haven't at anybody who has been tested for the virus so nothing's changed on that front. It's been an interesting debate. Steve I mean I could see this from both ends where you know if teams have been contact with you know a player or another team that had positive tests or that had somebody who who was symptomatic like it makes sense if you can avail yourself of it to go ahead and get those tests done and then of course there's been this backlash including The mayor here in New York De Blasio who was angry about the nets having these tests and I mean you guys took a pretty clear stance here looking at bombers quote from last week where he says you know. We're treating ourselves like people. We're not better than anybody who I just a basketball team like anybody else up until of our doctors a we shouldn't be testing a symptomatic people. So it's very sensitive to that that that sense out there. How do you view this yourself as being part of this league to the were obviously different teams kind of took a different approach to this? Yeah and and Each team and each case seems to be unique. You know unto itself I mean I know the The Oklahoma City Utah Game. The was the first game. Cancel that really Stops his whole season from what I gather. It was the state of Oklahoma and insisted on testing everybody Because they were obviously they were Presiding over over everything. Even the game was in Oklahoma City. And you had players who were infected and so that's that's totally different from the warriors without having any known players infected or or showing symptoms. That's totally different from us. Saying No. We're not going to to test So I think every case is different and we all have to handle our own business our own case and obviously the What what would make this a lot simpler if we just had widespread testing and that it seems like you know from everything we're reading. That's what needs to happen in order to really get a handle on this and and for the experts to timmy. No advise us on what's next and so I'm hoping like we all are that Testing will be more widespread as we as we go forward. Yeah I think this is the thing where I understand where some of the backlash people's frustration comes from because there hasn't been widespread availability of testing. And so when people think we are review people in a position of privilege celebrities athletes whoever as as quote unquote jumping the line. I get the the the frustration there but I feel like it's a little misplaced in that. The real problem is that we just don't have enough testing period. And that's because this country dragged its feet when we had plenty of forewarning and and had time to build up that supply. I feel like a just personally. Direct your anger at the folks who did not do enough proactively before you start getting frustrated with NBA players but agreed and this and if if it were me. And I knew I'd been in close proximity to somebody who was symptomatic. I found out later and someone said I've got this test here for you. I mean I don't know what I would do if I don't take that test. It's not like it's going to be available for the person down the street so I don't know it's it's it's tough well and what's making it more difficult from from a moral standpoint is. We're finding out that people who are a symptomatic Can Be carriers yes And and can pass the virus on to the next person so None of us really know if we're infected or not until we're tested and So yeah I mean this all comes back to our capacity to test in huge numbers and and you know it's got to be something that is you know at least being attempted by our government. I that's the one thing you can't really can answer on how. How's the testing coming along? How many tests are going to be available? It seems like we don't really have a clear answer on that. No and even even after all this time it feels like we're still kind of in the dark on that and and it's skewing the numbers. We don't really know what the the true spread of. This is right now so a the rest of this for your players. Everybody's healthy they are. I guess probably some still in the bay area. I think everybody's been freed to to leave. Obviously so how are you guys is organization keeping tabs on? You know what you guys are doing their training regimen to whatever extent. They can do stuff not everybody hesitant home setup or even access to a basketball net. I was talking to Danny Green last week. And he's down in Manhattan beach and he doesn't have he doesn't have a court to shoot at right now unless he could go find a court somewhere but you know. Public gyms are closed clubs or closed. The team practice facilities are closed. What are you guys doing to make sure your guys are staying not just in shape but but maybe being able to get some shots up? Well nothing unfortunately I mean. There's there's nothing we can and especially in San Francisco. Most of our players live relatively close to the practice facility near downtown so there's not much space and You know originally. We thought we'd have the practice civility and we were making plans for guys to come in and get shots up and then the facility was shut down about a week ago along with everything else in San Francisco and So at this point it's just you know. Stay inside stay safe. Most of our players are in in San Francisco. We have a few that are not but There's there's really nothing we can. Do you look for us In our season is basically over. If the League word is somehow start up again very very unlikely we we would play regular season games given the such a time. Crunch I you know I could hills but I'm feeling for all the teams that you know are in the fight in the thick of it for a championship You know a veteran. The playoff teams that Have put so much into this and this was obviously a year for us where you know we were trying to get healthy and try to try to develop some young guys so I I'm not. I'm not concerned about our guys are team. I feel sorry for the teams that are kind of in limbo right now. Yeah I'm with you like I feel like the idea that these last regular season games. It's anywhere between sixteen and Nineteen depending on the team. That the idea that those are worth salvaging or the team that the league should go to great lengths to salvage them feels to me like a stretch like if you could just get a semblance of playoffs in and still have a champion crowned then. You've you've done pretty well. Given where we are. And given all the uncertainty that still hanging over the League and obviously society at large but the idea of trying to salvage those games feels like a stretched to me. Which yeah I mean if you and I are are are right if that you know if that's the way this goes than than you guys already done and so maybe it doesn't matter but it does seem like four whether it's you know whether is regular season or whether it's a straight to playoffs. I cannot imagine what kind of shape guys will be in in a month or two months or whenever it is that it it starts up again and During the lockouts you know you and I have both witnessed and in ninety eight and two thousand eleven at least guys had access to gyms and there were pickup games and everything else that just this is completely different. I do think there's a possibility of guys coming back. Just not only not in shape. It's not basketball shape and and the possibility for injury again. All these things. Big Asterisk of there are bigger concerns right now in the world right but we talk about the NBA so I think from an MBA standpoint. This seems like a particularly high challenge. it is. It's a huge challenge and I think we all have a lot of faith in Adam and NBA leadership. And I know they'll they'll do the right thing whatever that means and you know hopefully for for the NBA for the for the fans. Hopefully there is something that ends up happening here. Some kind of playoffs some semblance of a season and and if it does then I would think there'd be ample time for players to to practice and get get back in some some kind of conditioning before the game started but as you said this is all sort of what if and and way down a list of what's really important as we know what would seem stranger to you. Season that ends without a champion. If this word just put this they just had to close the books and say we can't do it or the idea of going all the way into maybe August or even September. In which case now you have to push back next season. How much contemplated those those possibilities? Yeah I mean I. I don't think either one is something that the League wants to do. Obviously but this is the situation. We're in I think we would all prefer to see some kind of play off where everybody who's in at least has a chance to compete. And and if I pushed the season back so be it I think I think I would prefer to see that And it would even allow the League to experiment a little bit if they wanted with the playoff format or the the start start date for the next season. Whatever that might may be. That could be helpful. You know down the road so I'm hoping for that but We'll we'll just have to wait and see Ya. It's interesting. It was just a couple of weeks ago at the Sloan Conference a conference. Now that I'm now convinced probably should not have happened in that. I should not have been in attendance at that. That was when they had the panel. Discussion where Steve Kuhnen from. The Atlanta Hawks floated out this idea of. Hey look if we were starting from scratch. Maybe we would start at Christmas. Maybe we would play the season into the summer and we would avoid the NFL in the fall and early winter months. And we could you know reimagined this whole thing and Lo and behold..

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