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Was in college at the time i wrote just remember being like wow was fucking boring and now i think it's fucking boring and i don't think that and i think it gets a lot most things wrong yeah there was like a pretty big response to this movie as you said like a lot of people really latching off all yes especially feel like in the world imagine we all run in this was like an adventurous size movie for people live in cool neighborhoods in large cities like non movie anyone who cared about though i just relearned that it won an oscar for what category guess wasn't screenplay yeah which is the thing deserves it at least for the thinking is like the worst thing about this movie screenplay it's i mean i don't know it we could we could spiral day about what the worst part of this there's a lot of stuff going on i wish that this movie was written by someone who had a better understanding of tech than spike jones seems to here's a big issue i have with this movie that is completely separated from what we talk about but just feels worth mentioning okay people are falling in love with a i in computers fine i get it that's what the movie's about why is it never at any point brought up that samantha is absolutely funneling all of keen phoenix's thoughts and feelings and giving them to mark zuckerberg so he has better targeted ads it's never brought up like that there's like a massive surveillance aspect to like you know the ai is it's not like they work for no one you know like they were created by a company right all the data that they get is going back to that company the world's spike jones creates freaks me out a little bit because it's just like you know there's no there's no element of a tech company even mentioned in this movie it's just a exists and it's here the ad for it and he sees the ad and he's like i might like that and that's the extent of it also script to it and it's like there's no where is your where where are your weird little fuck feelings like and they're being you know i've as on like a conspiracy theorist but i do think that that is such a weird thing to overlook however when i saw this movie and twenty thirteen that didn't occur to me at all you were gonna hacker yet i'm hacker jamie had not been born yet i was waiting for someone to bring up that i am one of the world's foremost hackers people call me we'll julian and i don't stop them i feel like i remember hearing the movie was a lot more movie defers cut was like as i got like.

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