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From the Aa for I think that I think that those will be the topics for August. I I think it's an we got one more recruiting calendar podcast talk. We absolutely we do not by the way to <hes> to loop back to our podcast from two weeks ago. I watched Aquaman on my way down here so I watched Jason. Momoa no dreams Jason Momoa since then so I've been Jason Komo free and yeah this was this was a weird break in between but I had my week vacation did Vermont high school reunion all that kind of stuff you look like the guy that would not go to your high school reunion though I've never been to one of my yeah and it's not because I I wouldn't go. They've all they don't plan around my schedule as they should like seriously. I'm the star of the class. There's no getting around it. Why wouldn't you plan around my schedule? Why wouldn't you reach out to me and go G._p.? DP You're going to be in town because what is the classroom. What is the point of doing this? If you're not going to be there so <hes> I've never been in town for one. I don't think yeah this was my twenty year. The ten year CHESA southbound high school is a good time but but yeah so anyway we're rambling. It's officially a podcast our and five minutes anything else you WANNA get to before we wrap up and wherever the month of August is GonNa take us. I don't know I just don't understand this how you can have Stephen Graham fit the Joe e seven. That's or Dexter Bony ahead of won't have there's got to be more good players from Delaware this. I'll tell you what I will tell you this. What's his name? Oh Gosh just an absolute beast new Castle Delaware Jalen Durin. I'm I'm putting them at two behind hazard already. Maybe he's the next extra pony. He's going to be better than he's he's. He's surpassed bony at this point already. You think he's the you must think he's the next Ronnie Murphy Oh you seem to be implying that he could be a grand brother but but do you think he's Stephen Moore Stephen Moore Joey. I remember them Graham Bagram brothers. I think they play with Tony Allen. Yeah that was the same era that whole team was like twenty four and awesome final four yeah they did did 'cause they stopped Phil Martelli from going Jamir Nelson those sons of pitch wrap it up G._p.. Shasta Devon Eh Daddy chance to chester South Carolina. She has to terry fatigue or the legend Shasta Lor now shouts to Dexter Pony and oh he's not getting any shouts extra Bony Ontario according to rancor agrees the second best player ever from from from Delaware. One spot ahead of walt hazard terrible seems crazy to me. Please go subscribe down Basco pockets actually you don't have to. I don't know why you would at this point. No you absolutely shit we are we are also on spot. They tell us we're on spotify all sorts of stuff so just download subscribe all that good in all fairness. Where are you going to get a breakdown of basketball players from Delaware?.

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