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Ryder jam-packed died in the NBA marks the debut of Jimmy Butler who started and he has twelve points. The seventy Sixers lead the magic sixty eight to sixty six in third quarter. Joel Embiid has sixteen points and nine rebounds. At the Boston. Celtics in front of the bulls fifty one hundred thirty five second quarter raptors lead the pistons fifty one to forty four in Toronto game one of a double header on ESPN TV kimbrel. The pelicans twenty six to twenty in the first quarter dirt road out for the game with a sore left knee this to be followed by the plate. Lasers. And the Lakers in Los Angeles. Rockets reportedly were exploring trade options for Carmelo Anthony and ESPN's tracing Brady as a suggestion to the Ted time all-star Tunceli retired. I really do. I don't want him to go through another situation like this and people just are just four negatively on this man legacy. I really think because it hasn't worked out the last two teams. Go ahead, and you have hall of fame career. Go ahead and let it go Houston Golden State's more night. And Carmelo Anthony remains away from the team baseball. The Mets Jacob degrom wins the NL Cy Young award for the first avenue is growing up. I had winner of the AL Cy Young award raise lefty Blake's now in his first full season in the majors lead the majors. Twenty one wins. Red Sox have agreed with manager Alex Cora on a contract extension through twenty 2021 college basketball number eighteen Michigan trouncing, eighth ranked Villanova in Phillies sixty five to thirty seven. In the second half. Top ranked Duke of forty point lead on eastern Michigan in the second half. Zion. Williamson would twenty four points for the blue devils. Join us Thursday, STAN van Gundy's enters our guest co hosts that means a lot of good NBA dog informed. Plus, he's gonna talk about NFL teed thanking that's Thursday on the Dan Leonard. Dr it needs to God's on ESPN radio. Again, with our buddy, Nick Redel best of the best now covering the warriors out there a lot of drama not only because.

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