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We have destination disease we're always trying to get somewhere and then when we get to wherever we wanna go we usually talk about how we not there so it's really not about the destination it's about the journey and so sometimes we don't see what god wants to do in us and through us until we have the opportunity to look back and these people missed it because they were not spiritually deserting what god was trying to do but any hebrew student anybody who was read the old testament would have known what god was trying to do you see ladies and gentlemen i don't want to give you a history lesson but this is very important for you to see the jewish people were living in their land under oppression but they still had the temple of god the temple was a permanent structure where solomon solomon built permanent structure it was destroyed and five eighty six later it was it was built again herod attitu it and made it a grand temple and and that's a whole different nother lesson but the temple of god was a meeting place forgotten man all of the religious activity was around the temple right even though these people were under oppression the jewish jewish government still allow them to worship as long as they didn't get radical about it now what happened was this anybody reading the scriptures understood a parallel that was happened and this is what i want you to see that i think is significant about palm sunday now the scriptures will be behind me if you go to ezekiel chapter ten verse eighteen i want you to see a phrase you're not going to be alone because i don't have much to say but i do want to say this is chapter ten verse number chapter ten verse eighteen ezekiel chapter ten verse number eighteen ezekiel tin versus team the glory of the lord departed from the threshold of the temple and stood over the chair ab now if you go to verse number nineteen and the chair lifted their wings amounted up from the earth and their site and when they went out the wheels were beside them and they stood at the door of the east gate of the lord's house and the glory of the the glory of the lord of israel was above them so what i want you to see here is easy kill is.

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