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Him on fire story number two. You throw that pizza backhand if you would, and story number three. Wasn't really doing all that just for a big Mac. All right, John. What have you said? All right. This is a tough choice. I'm going with number three. Number three. All right, Nina, We're gonna go to you next. Yeah. Think John here. I think that that's crazy If the store's actually accommodate that lunacy, but I can see kids doing I'm going number three. Interesting and shut. What about you? I'm going to go with to go to All right. Story number one. Nobody went for that is a true story with New Jersey. It's not surprising that surprising they set themselves on fire. They're turns you on, honey, your heart. I know I am. No, no, I mean you're hot. Story story number two. Which is the story chosen by Chuck Whitaker. Chuck That's a true story. A true story. No pizza order grabs the throat guy. Like it's a Frisbee apparently nailed him just left. Is this out of the oven story Number three is our fake story. However, Here's the twist. Guys. Another was. Congratulations, John, you know, put yourself in line for the grand prize as well..

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