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Into custody for trespassing they want the coal fired plant in bow New Hampshire to shut down in Harvard James R. O. hasta UBC Boston's newsradio and now to the presidential campaign senator Elizabeth Warren's campaign announced today that a raise twenty one point two million dollars in the fourth quarter which apparently locks behind her top rivals for the democratic nomination Warren was the only candidate among the highest polling contenders former VP Joe Biden Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and people to judge former mayor of south bend Indiana to raise a less in the final months of twenty nineteen than she did in the previous three month period when she raised twenty four point six million dollars however centerless Warren did exceed a twenty million dollar fundraising goal which was set after her campaign announced last week that was falling short and close the year with a new wave of donations coming up in just a few minutes here WBZ newsradio will tell you why and where a psychic palm reader is arrested by police the first things first back to your ride eleven thirty three traffic and weather together starting with a super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic in the threes any trouble spots right now our watches of slowdowns up to the north there are one twenty eight north found some residual delays coming up the route twenty in Waltham from earlier road work that we had route three route one at ninety three all in pretty good shape downtown store or drive west bound watch out for these rightly cruise just before the be you bridge stay to the left to get by that to open tonight's right to one from Chelsea no reported problems here inside the airport totals mass pike the nice right here from Boston out to Auburn and back south of town the expressway south bound hung up here of Columbia road down through seven held that a nice ride down the.

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