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That was at him while or they with a check of the week security news okay we have one announcement this week at last season is hiring two rawls one in sydney and one in mountain view they're both security engineering leadership roles one with a local skirt and one global they are looking for a security team lead for sydney it is a small but growing team you'll be exposed to massive scale smart people big personal responsibility conferences and you'll get to travel the bay area gig is in mountain view it is for a senior manager of global security engineering this role is the global late for the entire product security team that includes the bay area austin and sydney help shape at lessons capability work with smart people get support from the sea to your and executive visibility if you are interested in that more information on these roles do email shawntel parma see palme at last in dot com that's the p i l m e r at a blessing dot com cp i l m e r at at lesson dot com of also linked through through the job ads in this week's show notes and you can check them out there okay it is time for this week's patriot of you now and this is about as bread and butter infosec as a gets travis mcpake is a senior security engineer on the net flicks cloud security same and he's been doing the rounds recently talking about a tool named repo kid it's a tool that he developed that helps organizations aws permissions amazon web services permissions are sorry complicated that it's quite difficult to know where to even start when you want to lock them down sowed netflixing came up with a simple approach give development teams all the privileges that they likely two years and then just nuke the ones that are left unused after a certain period here's travis talking about repo kit aws has a really powerful role based access control system identity and access management for those familiar with aw.

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