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This. I'll right. That's we gotta play those Jimmy he'll like them. I will say he won't like it. But I'd like to present you can let him decide how much he likes. We did a six mile or yesterday telling you we got to the top of this peak. That's as close as we come to going straight up. And I was I thought it was in good shape for the day. When I was a pretty fast pace even said some Mansfield today, we went up the hill. And I just I almost didn't make it to the top. And he's not even breathing. Heavy. I get up full-bore gasp lean over fuck. Jimmy. Don't you ever breathe heavies? I'm breathing. Heavy as you. My grandfather said never let the other guy see do it. So he he won't breathe through his mouth. He breezed through his nose because he didn't want. He said if you're playing somebody and my grandpa, he said, hey, calls him pops pops always said, if you they see you breathing through the mouth, it gives them a a little extra juice to go against you. Because they think your guests to he's if somebody's gas. They look across the net. And you're just standing there you have an open your mouth yet. It freaks them out. So that's that's his play going up this hill. Like, I said, I'm bent over them, Ron Jeremy and myself, and he's not even breathing having. So believable. What else is up in the world Christian? Let's get a lot of Terry. Is there any do have a phone call? Somebody hates me. I don't think we have any of those today. But always keep those there. Are there? Not do. I like them kind of in a way them for particularly needy moment where you need the praise, and I make sure that you get a little of that just to keep you in your place. But somehow was a turn off. I know fun Lindsey won't open her mouth to laugh when she bites little than lives. No, no. What what else is willing there are bigger headlines than but this one caught my eye? A Caroline Kennedy has referred to Nancy Pelosi as quote, the most important woman in American political history as Pelosi has been named recipient of the Kennedy libraries profile in courage award. Sure. But she's a woman. Saying. Quibble about. That's yeah. Sure. That's like valedictorian in summer school, right? Jerry Nadler has gone after Bill bar as a lawyer is. Imagine getting so thin that everybody realizes your fat head you fat. Fuck head. Jerry Nadler's the guy who won't pay Jimmy and goodfellas, where's the bad drug one my money. Fuck. Put a phone quarter. And. Good as Liotta when he starts laughing. Oh. Chris. The kills me as Liotta ever do. It of us. Probably because I know is is works so much. No. Would you bring up your favorite photo shoot of his youth? I am told that because I thought about where You you live. take taken the back end money on goodfellas and outfitted their housing complete southwest year for install magazine sitting at a table and over his shoulder. There's a huge Coyote pink with light blue and yellow spots on it. It's got its head tilt it back in its howling at the moon may really gone. The wife has gone so far to the south west the another Guevara would've asked for rewrite and Liotta has got gotta look on his face. Like, can you believe this decor? If you believe this is my yield on goodfellas, I'm living in a roadrunner cartoon. Funny. Look, it's the same. Look feel call and says on his face when an ranking singing against all odds or the Bernie top as space shatner's mass occurring rocket man Leo's at the table. He loves his wife. Obviously, I don't know if that ended up being his wife, I'm not sure won't be crafts or anything. But the look on his face is Christ be anymore, married. Bad the courses choice. What else is? Well, let me finish the thought on Jerry Nadler, he has characterize Bill bar a biased agent of the president. And he vows to go to court to get the full mother report..

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