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Boston Blackie incoming yeah I can still get your home what's the matter in the afternoon paper look at the you'll go out and murder so what do we need the reason you were right and right it says yoga when the Tories gambler was shot and killed in his home early today all that has so far been reported missing from the safe filled with cash diamonds and other precious stones is a small piece of ordinary flags not crazy at all you haven't seen the death why because somebody killed Joe garland for peace of crime is still what he doing Jack only three people in the world number that you are and I'm one of those three people he one is lovely but not loudly enough to wait and all evening telling you you're going to be ready it will not right now I think it's a beautiful you go back and change it again right go look at it or something too late already happened hell no they come in like you doing specter but you'll come in anyway how can you say that we look at it they're all dolled up to go somewhere fine fine you're not jail very nice we go again you know I didn't kill Gollum he couldn't even after he was locked in the other room one shot with fire maybe but he locked me in the other room why because I'm like you know so I got it was killed and he doesn't remember what the insurance man said the only thing missing from the dead man save the planks don't know why would anyone want a piece of black stone but not to kill for I don't know why I don't care and put I'm gonna take a phone call yeah see right away my life thank you she knows why Joe garland was killed for a piece of stone would you be using them the address is nineteen Beverly line you bet bye we've got a date last night interested in finding out black guys killed repeat of ordinary rock they all of a sudden I've gone stone deaf he was my fiance Kalenjin and this is miss merry Wesley Wesley not tell Blackie automatic Karen well I'll give him the letter looks thinking much better than I can one of my father back I'll be back in just a minute well my goodness how can a letter from his father had anything to do with Gil got in right it does seem incredible miss Wesley and it is I think is worse than incredible it's awful an old blind man sits down with paper and pencil in like three letters because of those letters a man is killed and two other people are in danger of being Jones father was blind that's what counts told me an explain everything thanks I never shown this letter to anyone not even to your Jack complete Blackie don't tell anyone you see well if you'd rather I wouldn't see it now I want you to read rating pencil marks smudged what it says child I am sending each of my three children piece of planks down I am now I am blind I haven't seen you you haven't seen each other in twenty years I left you with three different families so you do not know each other any better than mine though you your children with three different we were very one question the timing we knew what they were too none of them could take more than one of our young guy back into that thank you go ahead and much more I am now rich very rich stay away from me until six months from today and then bring this piece of stone with you to my home in Cannes Berlin and you will receive one of my fortune like stone this from my terrace and the three pieces must exactly no one knows your names except me and nobody including me knows what you look like so it is important that you keep and god this piece of stone I send you okay whoever brings it number it is your only means of identification as one of mine and is signed Robert was lacking if you want to attack incentives Jones soda line Joe garland was one of towns two brothers the other brother I'm not yours identity killed him and took his tone Caroline might be next to cure me next you've got to find it thank you our trimester but in a city of several million people may be very hard to find him before he finds you gambler Joe garland is killed by an unknown assailant who passes up a fortune in jewels to steal an ordinary piece of black stone Caroline Jones get help from Black River he'll say Jack Evans and shows Blackie a letter from her blind bother explaining the.

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