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I'm Bob McClay on Aaron's Ona's news station. KTAR news. You've heard the headlines get some perspective now with Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. Good morning to you. Happy Thursday opening day baseball kinda opening second day and get into that a little bit later, but first off not gonna have all Dave stringer to kick around anymore. Pamela. The lead. He's gone. He's out. He has resigned amid an ethics investigation. Embattled lawmaker David stringer resigned yesterday. From the house is on a house of representatives house speaker rusty Bowers announced that he accepted the press kit Republicans resignation around four o'clock now earlier in the day stringer asked the court to intervene as he faced a deadline to turn over documents to banded by the house ethics committee. Now, these documents concerning his five sex crime charges, including two counts of child pornography that he racked up when he lived in Baltimore in the. Yeah. I guess we should not assume that everyone knows exactly who Representative David stringer of Prescott is. He is he is at least when it comes to crazy when it comes to our elected officials behaving, poorly or oddly. I mean, he's he might be in the hall of fame, quite honestly at this point. And it's like where do you wanna start? Well, I guess you should go back to the eighties and start chronologically. Okay. So in the way back machine. Representative stringer before he was Representative stringer in Arizona. Lived in Maryland, he lived in Maryland and in nineteen eighty three. There was a criminal case in Maryland. It was alleged. Well, he pled guilty. Let's to say, okay. He pled guilty for three sex offenses in one thousand nine hundred four. There were five sex crime charges. He pled guilty to three of them. Not exactly sure. But out of those five charges there two counts of child pornography. Yes. The reason why we don't know what exactly he pled guilty to or what are the details of the sex crime is because the case was expunged in nineteen ninety essentially erasing it from public record someone. I'm assuming in Maryland, follow me on this recently. Got a hold of the expunged record the sealed record right of this case. And forwarded it to the Phoenix new times. Yeah. Yeah. They got a hold of this their hands on it. I don't know if they went looking for it or. I don't know the details, but I think. Somebody had to send it to them right family, because they would know it didn't exist. Yeah. I mean, th there are some details are, but I mean, this is good work on on the new times and local journalism holding our elected officials accountable because prior to this hired was even knowing that these charges exists, and he pled guilty to some of them and went to a therapist who deals with individuals, you know, that have been charged with sex crimes and pedophilia and things along those lines. I'm not saying that he is a pedophile. I'm just saying like you got some questions going on here because we don't have the details of that case. Apparently, nobody really cared about the crazy as he stuff that David stringer did prior to all of this. The new times told us about these sex crimes child sex crimes, and that was important because he's now being held accountable because prior to that Brucie wasn't being held accountable. This is the guy who who said this..

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