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Hadn't because that's where he was working it so his workshop was located in edinburgh not in real life that support i made up the original he was working at leeds but i move the straight edinburgh because it's partick's early strains setting instead of leads the leaks is that strange happened to leads yorkshire is guys gives very interesting yeah yorkshire can be interesting bit but edinburgh ridding trump's it in my opinion now a could we took a little more about the history of movies the the first official film ever made was arrival on a trained by the mere brothers when was sad and and and how how does that compare timewise to or you're writing about sure so so the arrival of the trail the shootout was in nineteen in eighteen 95 originally there in years with a projected a to the to the audience of people they became so crazy by the sight they were confronted with that they run out of the theater a thinking that the life term was coming their way it was a spectacular experience for that kind of audience however we know that louis leprince with called agustono secular in the novel so there the real sequitur worked and and managed to two a record and project moving images of at least seven years before that time so an eighteen eight we have a record based on patten's and historical data show that he managed to do it he never got to capitalize off of it is interesting that we have these three different people all were working on this at the same time it was probably part of the site guy suddenly everybody thought well we've had silva target fee for awhile now's the time to make moving pictures it's interesting because you get i don't know if that's a down to luck or coincidence but in a lot of times and you get major inventions you find a lot of people working on this kind of thing simulataneous lee so at the same time as newly prince you had william prescreen in in in the uk uh you had max claimed the now ski working elsewhere in europe so he had a few different people working on on on the same thing however if you look at the what these guys talked about a one they invented it wasn't really a film it was more talking about sequestral photograph rather than the the idea.

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