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Being on hard knocks will have any effect on anybody. And i think that after being paid is probably feeling pretty comfortable right now coming off his injury. I know he's going to try bounce back from that. But i just think that in this position that he's at right now in dallas. I don't think there's pretty. I don't think there's any more pressure on them. Then he doesn't already have on them to begin with so then rob. Who do you think has the most the game from hard knocks. It's probably the head coach. I think that when you look at last year being a new coach in a new city with the way it was the way the season worked out. I think that mccarthy probably has a lot to gain off of people watching him and just seeing his daily routine ins and outs of how he runs the team. I think that it might impact the fan base. A pretty big amount he would. Who do you think is the most to gain. I agree. I agree with rob. I think mike mccarthy is a guy with the most game coming off of last season where you saw star quarterback go down and literally. The team just win was in shambles. So i think people had had questions about mike mccarthy as far as his offense and his ability to run a twenty twenty first twenty first century. Style of offense so i think. This'll be a great opportunity for mike. Mccarthy kind of rehab himself over last year season jeff. What do you think. I just don't know what we expect from. Mike mccarthy's personality like i. I like him a lot. He's he's a funny guy but he's got like this dry sense of humor that i'm not sure is going to translate to the hard knocks crowd. I'm very curious to see how it goes. I used to cover the dolphins back with joe. Philbin was on there. I don't know if you guys remember that awkward got when he when he waved ocho cinco and he's walking around like picking up trash in the field. Like i actually think you can do more harm than good for a head coach. Because head coaches are generally speaking a little different. So so. I hope for mike mccarthy sake that he comes out of this looking pretty good but to me he's got more to lose than to gain to be honest a definitely affect and not the joe philbin effect. That's the man that was brutal. All right guys. Let's go.

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