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Brady ballot. Check Brady my eighteen shoes, accurate. Two decades annoying me focused on the future. Tweet, my hate teams in the NBA are Celtic sippers in clip. Now you don't hate the clip and I know I hate them hating the clippers implies that they're important. They're not important. Talks about Celtics are important. You hate the Celtics, you could hate the warriors. They're important. What are worth made the clippers a Hateem. Marcellus Wiley? Yeah, honestly. Yeah. He started infecting the city with this virus known as the clippers in lob city. Well, he's not a problem anymore. We have successfully SaaS fire UCI successfully gotten rid of. We've successfully got rid of Marcellus Wiley, the light. The only broadcaster in town who openly roots for the for the clippers Mason and Ireland ESPN LA. The people. Everything today Mason Shay. Oh, yeah. One of the cabinet skis, one of one of them. I'm not sure it's coming up next Jackson, junior, the secretary of agriculture. Yes, I need to get promoted. He got kicked out of him in den Aviv's ninety million dollars star of Godzilla bug two hundred thousand. And then there's. And then there's Brian? Yeah, he's on the station a lot a lot. A lot a lot. And who's coming up is the other candidates cabinets, key Ryan, Hollins, and Ben Lyon, and Ben Lyon old. All. A six person cross talk if we did this right? I'm not doing it. If we still did cross talk, we don't do that anymore. I'm done with cross. Talk for ever. Crosstalk comes and goes, when we have an afternoon show, we'll do it again when we have. Minute or if it will be, but you know, yeah, no clue what somebody somebody asked me yesterday. How many of those jerseys are we giving away on Fridays? I said, I don't know. I don't know how many shows we have. No, by the way, Friday, listen for a chance to win the brand new LeBron James jersey with the brand new.

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