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Who are my kids now. Well tell me about your wife. Then tell me about how she took someone who was a wretch like me and and made and taught you spirituality taught you a different perspective. Talk to you really. I don't i don't know You were saying your family passed down social causes. But i imagine your wife has a great deal to do with being the wind at your back on some of that stuff. Yeah so my wife. You know had a tough upbringing me. I think it's fair to say and bounced around was in sacramento when her parents were together and then all of a sudden was drug to costa rica temporarily and then all of a sudden she's in mississippi and she's a sixteen year old girl in mississippi and she's pregnant and all of a sudden she's a seventeen year old single mom mississippi and she made a work without any help from anyone. Aside from her mother she then goes to kansas city and has another child and has no help at all aside from this point from her sister to a degree in her mom just worked when she and i met we met at was a promoter at a nightclub every thursday night shoes pro replace called the hanging out and i would show up every thursday night justice sir and try to convince her. You know you know it would help your nightclub is if you ran ads on my radio show and she which by the way would not have helped was a terrible idea but it was just and we end not a great pickup line. Either in terms of course. But here's the thing. I was literally making eight dollars an hour. I look the way i look now. Accept less money for clothes. And i the only cool thing about me is a cool job. So it's like the only the only one and a half okay but hold on so you've got a cool job but at this point you also have a gambling problem and drug problem with a cool job like this is all happening..

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