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And we will see more of the same tomorrow. The then we start to warm things backup our forecast on the way. I'm Geoff bell infra Patty rising. I'm Marty Schaefer. Here's what's happening. A San Francisco judge has moved to grant the agrochemical company Monsanto a new trial after a previous jury verdict found its urbicide had caused a man's terminal cancer. The ruling is tentative and the judges still deciding whether to uphold the jury's two hundred eighty nine million dollar judgment against Monsanto. The judge said today that Dwayne Johnson a forty six year old former groundskeeper failed to produce compelling evidence that Monsanto acted with malice or caused his lymphoma. The judge has ordered lawyers to submit written legal arguments by Friday, and we'll formerly rule later. The Belvedere city council has declared an emergency situation at one of the city's main seawalls as KCBS is Meghan gold. Speed reports engineers are worried that it is. Is in danger of collapsing. The wall on beach street near the club was built almost one hundred years ago says Craig Middleton city manager of Belvedere. So of course, they have engineers check it out from time to time. It was built on bay mud and over the years the ocean has come in waves have come in and start at the bottom has gone in the top has gone out. So if you picture kind of offense that's falling over that's what we got. It's falling into the water, and you can see it leaning tearing away from the newer seawall. So this week the city declared a state of emergency that will help speed up contracts to do the work hopefully as soon as next month. Luckily, Middleton says the temporary solution will actually be a good foundation for future work that work to try to combat rising sea levels were surrounded by water here. And I'd say about thirty percent of Belvedere is actually water. So we're really conscious of sea level rise in the UN reminded us of that not so long ago on Monday. He says they're formulating a project now to make those walls higher aiming. To match projected bales for twenty fifty making gold, speak KCBS. He was caught on tape. Now Santa Cruz police are hoping the public can help identify a man who set fire at a city arts complex KCBS. Jennifer Honda's reports police don't know if there's a pattern at this point. But there's been twenty four arson fires in the past three months in Santa Cruz. In one case the man who started the blaze near the tannery arts complex was caught on tape. Santa Cruz deputy police chief Daniel flip, oh, you know, any any lead that comes our way as far as a person that may have been in the area. Mealy the we're we're looking at every individual..

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