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It's gone to Washington. Kelli Ward is a bit of an embarrassment to the GOP. Who at this point, they're kind of a laughing stock. Because now you've just decided well, even though the election is done Even though procedure was followed. Even though objections were raised recounts were had the courts have not seen any evidence there continues to be no evidence. It doesn't matter now. We're just gonna Hijack the entire process Once it gets to Washington, aren't we smart? You're bold. Um Your plan is Complex. That doesn't mean it's a good plan. It doesn't mean that you're you're wise. Um You think this would work would mean that you believe that the entire system is completely malleable. And it's not And if the system is this malleable, why did you spend so much money on the elections in the first place? Why we spent millions of dollars in the elections in Arizona. Why, when all you had to do was sue your way to the top and put in a slate of unsanctioned unofficial electors, including yourself. It's nonsense. There's one slate of electors from Arizona that one slate of electors cast their ballots in the same way. There's one slate of electors. Coming from states that President Trump won. Not how this this is not how it works, and it's embarrassing. Frankly, it's embarrassing, and it starts to make Arizona look Backwards. Just Backwards. And Um And infantile. It's a temper tantrum at the highest level disguised as aren't we smart? No. No. It's foolish and it's a waste. And the kicker here. Somebody's paying for this. Somebody's got the money. He was spending on all these shenanigans. That money is coming from I don't know. Have you seen The GOP selling T shirts. Is that how they're paying for all of this? No. Thanks for your donations. All right. It's creepy. It's cold, and it's solved. One cold case. Looks to be resolved at this point tell you about some incredible science that led to the capture of someone who's been wanted for 20 years. Next Chris Marilyn from my groom indicates they are the Corona virus vaccine is here in Arizona. It's one thing to have the supplies here. It's another thing to move hundreds of thousands of people through a queue so that they get these vaccinations, and it's also to build confidence.

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