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Six on your wakeup call KFI AM six. Forty more stimulating. Talk we, say Hello, to ABC's Karen Travers. Karyn good. Morning so tell us about. This event at the president held yesterday. Honoring ice agents, yeah this was what the White House called a salute to heroes event and they really hadn't given out a lot of details ahead of. Time if people were going to get hurt or. What it was going to look like but it was really for the, president he, to turn, it into a campaign style rally and he really went after. Democrats there are a lot of analysts here predicting or you know expecting this Blue Wave in the midterm elections were Democrats. Could take control of the house have big, big wins that night and the, president said that, a Blue Wave would result in open borders and rampant crime across the US so the president, knows prizes. Making immigration and border security it very key part of. His campaign message ahead of the midterms. But yesterday's event that was extensively aimed at you look crediting ice and Chris Eating, see BP agents for the work that they do, the president turned that into. A campaign event. Essentially. Felt it. Has a rally feel to it while you know it's like. When he went and talked to the coalworkers. It was. You know hey this is great and I'm gonna make your, lives better and? Thank, you for what you've done but if we did you know don't, corral the Democrats things are going to get worse yeah and you know Democrats of course have been aggressively pushing back on this notion that they're in favor. Of crime or that they're pushing for. Open borders but I think you're going to hear, the president say this a lot. Over the next couple of months as he, campaigns for candidates, as he holds those make America great. Again rallies where he's kind of just campaigning on, his own record and campaigning on. His own message but they the Republicans are hoping that this is something that's successful one for them in. Particular states did he talk about the movement to possibly. Abolish ice or at least rework it you know he he referred, to extremists he says who attack ice and the sea BP he says there Portraying themselves as champions of social Justice but he. Said. They're not to, call, this radical policies and he said it hurts innocent Americans was there any honor actually given no he highlighted specific agents none anybody. That you know we had heard of before the, White House didn't give information out ahead of time it was mostly off the cuff of you know hey there so and so, there why don't you come up let's talk about what you do thank you for your service. All right, well care and thank you so much for the rundown on that yeah because when we. Saw there was this ice event I thought oh we didn't see very much about? It so, I'm, kinda glad to know. That you, guys didn't know a lot more about it either yeah No an wrong day about it, to try, and get more information and, and the White. House kind, of does, that sometimes you know they. Clearly the president, wants to get a theme, across for the day and they put. Together an event but it doesn't necessarily mean that there's some bigger picture, to it there wasn't. A big award big they're they're? Okay, alright Karen thanks so, much. Thank you all right see you later ABC's Karen Travers yeah I had seen that come across the bulletins. Of what's going on today but yeah, there weren't, hardly, any details, and I thought. Okay well we'll find out? More tonight but I guess there. Wasn't a lot it was. Just kind. Of, a rallying time a time to highlight the work of the. Ice, agents and that's great but then there was also, a you, know, a political tone to it which you. Expect I mean the president that's this is his opportunity so you know figure that's going to. Happen All, right let's, get back to some of those stories we were talking about I want to. Go back to the firefighter story because a friend of mine who works for San Bernardino county he had posted video he was working the Mendocino. Fire any posted video of he was watching as one of. The planes came across to do one of the drops and even for firefighters it's a big deal I mean these. These planes I, mean they block out the sun when they go over you and they make some of these drops and. So he was watching it as he's filming the plane go over. It ends up flying right over. Him and his. Crew, and. Drops on them. He barely. Has enough. Time to like. You. Know they're. All, reacting like whoa wow man that was crazy and you can kind of. Hear the, sounds in the background when all of a, sudden, the, plane flies over again to, the point that they had to go. Over I guess and who's each other off afterwards because they were just covered in this retardant and the reason I'm. Telling you the story is because, a firefighter, who died in northern California, may have actually. Been hurt, by the firefight itself a preliminary report. Has revealed forty, two year old fire baton Chief Matthew Birch died a week ago when he was struck by. Debris falling from trees after thousands of gallons of fire retardant were dropped in. The area three others were injured the, report from, California fire officials calls, for, immediate, corrective, action saying firefighters. Must stay out of the area during retardant drops the president of the wildland firefighters union says supervisors should have made sure the firefighters were well clear of the drop, zone Amy, king KFI news you all those firefighters including my buddy down here thank you. Guys for all that you have done though because we know you guys have been working your tails off this fire season well the US is. Deported a ninety five year old former Nazi concentration camp guard.

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