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Elite. Rehab can help you start to break your addiction problem and get sober in as little as seven days and we'll work with your insurance provider to help cover the costs. Plus we have travel assistance programs to get you here by playing or make this free call right now to learn more eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one to eight hundred four zero three five nine one two. That's eight hundred. Four zero three fifty nine twelve. You're listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike. Vv on the sports byline broadcasting network show brain elber is here wrestling observer. Live mixing proverbial wrestling observer. Come i am a battery here. Seems to be during the fact that we talked about. How much is alexa thing. Sucks and then. They did a live show in for life fans and they booted out of the building. 'cause it sucked well. Let's ignore things like that. Hey we got a an xt show. Here's a quick look at the first ninety minutes. I missed the last thirty minutes. But i know what happened at a million things happen in this show. So we add a brawl to open the show with johnny gargano. Pete done in like ten other people which leads you own larkin vs austin theory which involved a bunch of people running including johnny gargano and it was a distraction. Finish and only larkin. Be in theory as i keep going. Tell me this sounds familiar. We in la night vignette where he was talking about a million. He was in his mansion. Didn't he say last week that he wasn't a millionaire. And then this week is a millionaire. So he wants to represent the million dollar man we dok hendrix playing dok hendrix. I guess michael hazel playing dok hendrix running. Down in your house. And we've got raquel gonzalez number moon camera. Grimes ellie night. Which will find out more about later cities martinez anxiety. And the five way for the title with carrying cross adam. Cole pizza and johnny gargano. And kyle o'reilly then laguna del. Fantasma and outcomes brunson read and they repeatedly show footage of brunson read squishing him last week which was awesome but they decided that we will fully run into the ground by showing eighty five times on this show. It does set up a man for the pay per view where it will be bronson read and msk was llegado. Del fantasma all of the belts on the line in the match. Swerve scott's beat killian it dane win ashanti. The done is try to interfere. Drake maverick tried to stop him. Distraction finish top dollar beata. Maverick and scott pinned killing dane with a kick. Tell me if this sounds familiar. Hoppy arrived at the building. We had cameron grimes. Doing a vignette. He is a millionaire in storyline. So he's danced around doing his millionaire. Gimmick which was awesome cameron. Grimes is far and away. The highlight of an xt. We had mercedes martinez vs eilly. Actually no she didn't daily she faced somebody else anyway. Xilai came out in actor. Before the bell they brawled all over ringside and then finally mercedes gets in the ring and the referee rings the bell and she went to squash so there. You go brazil promo and then triple h in riegler backstage with poppy about popular so anyway. They're they're with poppy. Enough walks dexter loomis. And he's got a picture of poppy and she is. She is gobsmacked and so she hugs him. That's right when. Andy hartwell walks. She sees them hugging. She runs off crying index or has to be white either with the trouble. That has occurred. Here it's so lackey it's so goofy. It's not offensive like after watching alexa in the doll and shayna like it's just wrestling angle. But he kinda thing. Where if you didn't have that on raw. This would be appallingly horrible. But as it is i guess piccione oh and mentioned triple. Hbo whole ham throughout that whole. We'll get back to poppy here. So we have a camera and grimes in la night showing up in the ring. Ted bic comes out. Diaz announces it at takeover. It is going to be a ladder match. Cameron grinds climbs lateran says. What are we even fighting for a year and it turns out they will be fighting for the million dollar belt. Yes mike it's a problem. The worst this is the worst why this is actually a storyline. That from start to finish his made total sense dude. What doesn't make sense is the fact that hulk hogan was a character. You couldn't recreate okay. Yes clear created recreated the nature. Boy that buddy rogers habit you know what other than buddy no there for a minute like from this point on. There's no more there's no more nature boy there's been a lot of imitators of the road warriors but there was only one you know you don't have to keep trying to recreate the million dollar championship. If you want to use this and i understand it you're trying to sell it to collectors or whatever you place. Whatever it is fine have a ted. Drc king of the ring sort of thing down there or do something where you get this in. It's actually supposed to elevate you. When have they ever brought back the million dollar belt. Who's had it nikolai. Volkov steve austin the least interesting point of his career ted db s junior and they force fed him. Maurice like it was cool and it was nice to see cameron grimes playoff. It was a nice kind of like little thing there but like why would you have either one of these guys. How's it going to help them like you give a night. That belt all of a sudden like people are gonna care about a. Night late come on the same thing with cameron grimes. Like he doesn't need this. He needs to be in a title picture. So unless this is some swerve or they're going to give it to somebody else like this makes absolutely no sense to me and even they give it to somebody.

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