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To Argentina. Get too many books eventually. I'd the drum insists that tonight. We will be a long night. The Road Ravina goes on insisting that there is not enough suffering. The insists that tonight. We won't be a long night. Would Ravina goes on assisting. There's not enough suffering. Go on to Vena go on growling about God. I am rubbing my face against my little face like a blackbird flying through the nieves doesn't make sense but there's a lot of fun I'm rubbing my big face against my little face like blackbirds laying swiftly to believes okay. Good that's Internet one. No got four more. I WANNA do each year. Is that too much? We'll be okay for you know I did existence word existence now. I'll do one nonexistence called eating blackberry jam. When I hear that we all belong to non-existence drive my eyes. But then they raised them out of love for the little creatures of nonexistence some say the perch become like each other to keep the shark. This is this comes out of the Aquarium in Monterrey and I saw these fish. They were in a circle all going along and I said to my friend. What the hell are they doing that for? He said to keep the shark from coming into shark. Can't get a good fix on any one of them man. That's a big excuse for crowns per to become like each other to keep the shark from zeroing in but staying alive doesn't mean they are free from non existence. The cries of the infant barn swallows rising ingeniously cries of infant burn. Swallows rising from the mud nests fastened ingeniously to the rafters. This is a farmboys poem the cries of the Infant Barnes Wallis rising from the mud nests fad ingeniously to their. After's taught me to love the skinny birds of nonexistence. Taoist with their thin beards. Fishing all day with a straight hook. You know they do that. They do that. Taoist with your thin beards. Fishing all day with the street hook tell us they have learned not to expect a whole lot from non existence and.

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