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And it needs to be reined in beyond a team meeting friday night beyond mickey callaway started talking about going out and changing their pregame routine but this has been sliding towards this for a long time now and you can't wait until you lose a game like this to make those kinds of changes and the mets they've been playing for their survival of like they had a terrible road trip in milwaukee in atlanta they blow game after game after game and felt like they went oh eight on that trip it turned out they went three and five and they were able to survive that trip and you come home and get the chicago cubs good team best brendan franchise in the national league you don't take anything away from the cubs you know what they're capable of but and you just put up stinkers you waste jacob degrom start last night stephen matt's gives you seven solid innings today no run support at all so the magnifying glass on a soft pickoff throw to first base in the defensive miscue between jay bruce lewis gourmet it is it's a mess right now i it's everything and you go back to two thousand fifteen and how down everybody was in that twenty fifteen team at times and especially that we could july right before they made all the moves but what was maddening in two thousand fifteen was the team capitulate they had good pitching starting pitching the bullpen was not great but it was okay and it was so clear they needed offense they needed to go out and get bats well they're able to do that and fix that issue in that one week in july with this team you're going through frustrating times after a hot start there are some ties but there's not one move to make to fix this team maybe when they get healthy that old clear it up but this team hasn't been healthy in two years and it's the same old kind of problems so how exactly is this getting back on track the way that it did three years ago they don't seem to be one player away or one part of their game defect sometimes it's the bullpen sometimes it's the.

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