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Brian newnan for ruined anna seven twenty wgn all right i mentioned the script spelled b the atop misspelled words in each state but are wants the l has a guess of the most spelled word in illinois yes l yeah i i think the most lewis toward would reap budget i think that's the most misunderstood word i think he could probably spell it they just don't they don't know the meaning of it very good guess l if i had a prize i'd give it to you now you just have my hearty virtual pat on the back well that's that wonderful you're very well thank you somebody from the a two peoria or illinois how does the boost bespoke worded illinois buehler buehler that's the right what do you think it is and he guesses vacuum vacuum older to goodwill but no that is that is actually in some another stayed i thought i saw a vacuum but no not here hm massage old no that's good i liked now i know words that you guys have trouble with daniel guess there you go against champagne champagne the drink or the town or the same neither one no it is pneumonia pneumonia who thinks they know how to spell the monia violeta overloaded jotting down it's alright right i know starts with a p and then there's an there's right so far so good sam you want to keep going p and you know and i also close and yet you miss no that is incorrect dan's be isn't it is it yes you knew bonia p l u m i is also the most misspelled word in alabama there's probably a lot order alabama they they could spell merka and they could spell sister and moonshine sabin sabin roll tied potential.

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