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Is headlines right is brought to you by dr rob 100 dr matthew the presi busy commercial break from either arms we can talk about the grammys when the night the grandma michigan state who disaster cheese that your praise me during the break i'm sorry guy a terry praised during the break for your restraint at some level during that last segment but he gonna do i prostration of uh the way something of winningmost shows with motivated talk about this point they closed they were close to ship out how can you not going to have as i was your commercial break it was busy but it's fine again i the thing is i have zero issue with brady on this obviously not i don't blame if you never cut on the show again i don't blame the feed if he blackball station i hope it doesn't we're gonna try our best to have mom try and talk to him tonight immediate night were trying to set it up right now best we can just have a conversation say hey be did this this this this this this this this and this i will see i haven't talked to a couple of people i would not wanna be ouch reema this morning i've been in that spot is alto i'll try and talk kimber in the next break but he's in the tough position right now really tough but yeah you guys azure of that turns on here that meeting linda it's not it's this feels like it's going to be a big story now and it felt like it was kind of going away absorb sure what happened i guess brady was fine and he wasn't and then you know i can it's when the did he know about this beforehand do you have udf able to ascertain that created aga you think he had the show on that segment listening let's talk about a no that's what rekindled whatever alex said from every we all married his daughter's adore her home friday in you criticize the from saying and maybe but if that's the case you know that's.

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