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Government to try to get more funding for their agencies, and the that is one of the bits of speculation over why Wieland was taken into custody and charged with being a spy f s S. Yeah. That sounds right. Is that what federal security service? Thank you. Chris. That's why we got the best the best research staff and all of America. We've got the news to coming up next. More of your calls on the Frank Beckmann show here on WJR, Detroit. Sixty WJR news, Ken Rogulski, Hongwei crash in Lexington Kentucky has claimed the lives of enorthfield family in the driver who caused the crash was apparently drunk Lexington. Police say they received a report of a white pick-up driving in the wrong direction on northbound. I seventy five just before two thirty in the morning. The crash killed a family of five from northville, and the driver Forty-one-year-old. Joey Bailey died the family members killed in the crash. Forty two year old Asama boss. Thirty eight year old doctor Reema Abbass, their fourteen year old son Ali there thirteen year old daughter Isabella and another seven year old daughter Giselle, the family was traveling home from a trip to Florida Raymond obese was a well-known doctor in Dearborn with Beaumont health in the family was heavily involved in the community counselors will help students at a Utica school. After a fifteen year old McComb township boy was struck by a car and killed while walking along twenty five mile road near Hayes when he was. Struck over the weekend. Police say the driver was thirty three year old man. They're investigating. Supreme court Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, will miss a supreme court session today. She continues to recover from surgery. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story for the first time in more than two decades on the bench Justice Ginsburg is missing a session. A supreme court spokeswoman says Ginsburg is working from home and will participate in the cases using briefs filings and transcripts of oral arguments..

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