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Denver's at the clippers Phoenix home for Dallas. To bills announcing Derek Anderson gets the start Sunday against the colts. I'm Dan Schwartzman. This is NBC sports radio. Schwartzman is going every night depth sports coverage. NBC sports radio and not with Dan schwartzman's. Can I just start off by saying there's nothing worse? Watching a playoff baseball game to see the poor manager dragged out of the dugout to be interviewed in the middle of the game. Like the last thing Alex Cora or AJ Hinch or any one of these managers wants to do in the middle of the game is talk to the reporter like I don't understand like. I hate hated at halftime of college football. I hated at halftime of pro football. I just think let let them do their job. You could talk to them afterwards. I always find it. So knowing like they have to do. And sometimes a marriage will be like pitching coach you do it. Or, you know, a player may be does it, but I just find it just rude. But I understand it's part of the package. They're obligated to do it. It's part of the TV deal. And they get a couple more million dollars out of the network's probably for that access. But here as a fan watching the games my learning something because Alex cora's talking after the third inning. What's gonna tell me his pitcher stinks? The other teams awfully what's he gonna tell me because he looks disinterested. Because the last thing he wants to do is answer these questions it says if he's looking at his watch going, please finish this up. I kind of have a playoff game here. I gotta manage right? And in the day and age of an analytics, you can't sit back like Jim Leyland spoken in the dugout going. All right after seven. I gotta start managing. These guys are all micromanaging. You're gonna get to the micromanaging because we saw maybe the best example of micromanaging. We have seen yet tonight. Let's get to that here. Craig counsel manager, the Milwaukee Brewers wanted kind of made me today feel that I should put a football helmet on and drive. My head to the TV set. I honestly thought of doing it, except it's my girlfriend's smart TV, and I don't want to pay for it. But the fact is when you start Wade Miley who last time I checked in game two when five and two thirds didn't allow a run I understand he's going on short rest here. But he threw a grand total of five pitches in this game as the starter. He actually gets credit as the starting pitcher in this game for throwing five pitches and not registering a single out. Because he walked the leadoff hitter on five pitches. Then Craig counsel takes the long walk to the mound. That's made baseball games. Now three and a half hours to four hours long in the postseason for a nine inning three to two game. Text the long walk points out to the bullpen. And I'm thinking to myself is he kidding me? If there's over managing we're watching it at its finest. He pulls Wade Miley after five freaking pitches for Brandon Woodruff pitched. Well, don't I'm not going to downgrade. What he did? It's just. Are you trying to win games by just tricking the opposing team is that what it is you set your lineup. It's left the Evie because Wade majlis on the mound. I gotcha. Dave Roberts five pitches later. He's out. Yeah. Yeah. I got my Brandon Woodruff in now go make your changes to your lineup. It works. So well they lost today. Five to two. It's over managing. He actually sits there going. How am I gonna trick? Dave roberts. The dodgers today. How am I going to out clever out analytic Dave Roberts? So wait Miley. Hey, wait, come here. Come here. Come into our steel enforced room. That's been swept for listening devices at Dodger Stadium by the secret service. I know you're starting but. You're kidding one batter clever. Wow. Skip. That's awesome. Like, I can't believe you're this clever. Skip. Oh my goodness. They're not expecting this one five to two loss later, I'm sitting here going, and and you're so clever. What you're so clever your down three games to do. Now. I don't understand this strategy. I don't look this. Analytics in baseball to me. It's ruining the game. Like, why can't it be easy anymore? Right. Why can't you have a starting pitcher who may get an early trouble? And he's LAPD to work through it the way that you've always had in baseball. Right. How many times have you pitcher gone and give it up to run to the I didn't you like oh my goodness. He's teetering right? He's on the ropes next thing, you know, six more shutout innings if you use the analytics today Clayton Kershaw would have been taken out in the second inning because he struggled early on gave an early run giving up three hits early. And you know, what happened the last five innings gave up a hit? But in the world van Olympics a baseball. It's like, whoa. He's struggling a little bit. What am I gonna do? Well, I guess we have to take him out because that's what the analytics tell me, right? Let me punch us all into that. Computer? What is it telling me? Reminds me of like SpongeBob where you know that that that that little plankton plankton, he's evil guy. He's married to the computer, and she spin out numbers and things like that. That's what it is. I think these guys like Craig counsel have this secret computer that they carry around like a nuclear football that travels with the president he's handcuffed to them and only that little computer. It's like, oh my goodness. Computer, telling me to do, Sean. It's like everything it's all these little clever things of the analytics and analytics later, you're down three games to two being so clever later, you're down three games to two Dan, look at the splits, though, did they get an advantage by putting in Brandon Woodruff splits against right handed hitters in against left handed hitters not much of a difference. As far as batting average against. Then if you look at the dodgers hitters Justin Turner is playing against anyone anyone. Yup. Manny Machado gonna play against anybody. Or anyone? Muncie hit thirty three home runs. You can end as was in there. Right over Puig. But Enrica Hernandez, his splits. Tell you that I guess writings and left. He's. So what does you do? What? Exactly the correct council. Do. Okay. This is what he did David free. That's the guy. So David freeze as the reason why you do this and you gave a terrible hitter against right handed pitching. So it's I don't know. I mean, he's better against left handed pitching. But you know, what Sean they sat there wondering how to beat the David freeze effect for an hour. Are I got it guys? This is how we beat freeze. I don't care about that Machado or Muncie or any other guys. How are we gonna beat David freeze here in game? Number four. I got it skipped. What's that? We'll start Wade. He'll throw five pitches. And then we'll bring in brain. What do you think? Oh my goodness. You're a genius. Compete to tell you that that's a credible strategy. And then Wade Miley healthy on full rest. I've only five pitches for game six and now it's up to Wade Miley. Keep us in this postseason. It doesn't work for me. Because here's the thing. That's different right. And don't bring up Tampa Bay because it's a difference. Tampa Bay had to do this out of necessity. Right. Tampa bay. Just didn't have any starters. So Kevin cash is like how am I what am I gonna do? I can't call the entire AAA team. And have them pitch games. How do I get through these games? All right. This is how I do it. Because when Blake Snell pitched guess what he actually was allowed to pitch. You weren't starting Blake's now for two innings the analytics, we're telling you, okay, bringing someone else because he's gone through the you know, the the lineup once. It's out of control because this is by choice, not by necessity that Craig counsel makes these ridiculous moves and tweet. I guess would have started for KiKi Hernandez is they call home is that really that much of a an upgrade to a whole lot. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Is KiKi or key K K K K. No, it's KiKi. Cocaine. Japan Kika dodger fans, KiKi K K E. There's an action over the Sean key. K there you have it for our own watched like. This is coming from our angels fan, by the way. Brad habits dodger fan. It's a Red Sox fan. He's a Red Sox fan. What are your fraud dodger fan 'cause you live out there breath your Red Sox fan you can be both? There's one in each league. No. You're not fans on the team in each league. That's ridiculous. You're like the Mets and the Yankees. No. I hate them. I root against them. That's the only time I've ever root for the Mets is if they play the Red Sox, the other nationally Phillies you spend. You do. I can't stand the Phillies. I can't stand the Phillies the Mets playing the Red Sox gives me heartburn because I don't know who to what to do you very myself in a nuclear bunker. I think at that point like find an old missile silo and just like fall into it heart to hard to decide what to do in that situation. It's like the New York Giants playing the New England Patriots. It's like what do I do cover? My ears. Acupoint back to my point the point the point is this key K. Sorry, K Hernandez. Right. I mean, we're talking about the guys who are like utility men here. I mean, we're talking about trying to out clever. Dave Roberts for Keith Hernandez or David freezer getting yes, you'll get there. I mean, no offense. Yes. So you're not exactly an all-star. Okay. I'm just sick and tired of this. This is not the baseball that I grew up enjoying it's not. And you wanna talk about shortening the game. That's something rob Manfred harps on and he has no solutions that make any sense. Obviously, I got it intentional walk. I'll just point to point them to first. There you save about point one seconds of a game. But when you have all these pitching changes. And by the way, Sean this is not a trend. This is something that's going to keep growing in baseball. And these games are gonna get longer. We have seven or eight pitchers to get through nine innings. Guess what? It takes forever, Sean. I don't like it. I'm not enjoying it. Yes. Looking at splits against right handed pitching to ninety seven five sixty four slugging nine twenty one s. Left handed pitching to nine three sixty slugging six twenty eight. That's that's the guy. I guess Greg castle wanted on the bench, and that's the guy. Out there. They won't put in the lineup. And then here's the thing though. Can't you just put them in at some point right after I mean, KiKi Hernandez get like mad if he comes in in the second inning. Really? No. If he's going to do if Craig counsel is gonna do that you counter that right? It's not about pride and egos here if he makes that move and he takes Miley out after five, and it's because he wanted you to sit Yossi you can bring him in. It's not as if you can't use them, right?.

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