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That is the cross examination of michelle boat by prosecutor. Ed ball tactfully done it. He's not trying to destroy her by screaming and and being over the top. He's just literally sitting back in his chair because of covid restrictions. No one's moving around the courtroom sitting back in his chair and just tearing her apart in such a matter of fact way so effective so laser focused. Ed bulb really impressing me with his cross examination. At ted ed really You know. I've never seen such a great cross examination done while sitting back so comfortably in your chair at counsel table nearly a year of running around and especially in a case like this in the face and being told to move back by the judge. Ed bill takes control the courtroom. I've seen him in action. Before in iowa is confident. Well prepared prosecutor. That knows exactly where he's going and he was able to set a few traps for michelle. Lee michelle boat and more importantly to your point. Keep it civil and effective in tight Laser focused he really picked her part. Got the jury thinking about the most important things in. That was all of the evidence which leads towards premeditation. Right that's his. That's his goal in the cross examination is to prove to this jury that this woman did not just snap in the moment. She plotted and planned. Had time to cool off and had to take all these steps to Kill trae samantha. And and very very effective. I was really impressed because sometimes a court tv. You know we you see prosecutors because they rarely get the opportunity to cross examine Many witnesses are rarely get to cross. Examine the defendant. And sometimes they're just not prepared for the moment but that's not at bull one hundred percent prepared for the moment. Let's take a listen to a little bit. More any toilets. You put the clothes away. Hit the gloves. Where's the night. I do this week in the bathroom. You took a shower. Yes you were trying to wash away the evidence of your destroyed. He call now the us and then the police dock door under window. Yes and you answer the door. Yes and you're not crying argue. No i was trying to call down. And then he went to the police station. Yes they asked you questions. Yes you denied. Knowing about tracy's kelly. Yes i did. They ask you multiple times. Tell you held them your side of the story right. Yes and then the police tell you. Tracy has been serious riots. Es in your response was god. Works in the stereotypes. Ways doesn't yes. I said that. Wow i mean just walked her through. It did all the things you're supposed to do in cross examination and then finished it up with god works in mysterious with. I mean i can picture her saying that and she doesn't say down the standards. Ed bowl does it through cross examination. This was just great she. She's on the train to all his questions. And then boom Hits her with with what gets to the the ultimate question which is her state of mind how she really feels about what she did when she stabbed Tracy to death. He absolutely set her up. He had that it his back pocket. How gonna finish that line of questioning. And he did it very expertly it in the way he was able to take her. You know basically her stick is. I'm a victim victim victim jump. I'm crying. I'm crying and feel sorry for me. And then lay that bound and say isn't that what you said. God works in mysterious way that so deep-seated and it is so sinister. That the image of her blubbering on the standard crying and feeling bad to that image of a maybe a little smile on her face when she delivered that lying to investigators it. Dust wasn't mic. Drop moment it absolutely was it absolutely was and you said something very interesting because she is an through her testimony trying to convey to this jury that she is a victim that she's been victimized not by her husband but by this woman who was with her husband that she is a victim of the woman who got the knife through her heart and that is a. I don't think she realizes. I think in her mind. She sees herself as the victim of all of this. She does not see the woman who's dead as the victim. Ted and i think the jury possibly fell into it during the open during the beginning part of this trial and when the medical examiner took the stand is the final witness for the state of iowa it all came to see the victim and the injuries that tracy monta suffer through no fault of her own. She was searching for love on and landed with michelle boats husband and the jury was able to see the damage that this woman inflicted on the victim. I think that was helpful. Art of this bring the victim to the forefront. The did it again in the closing arguments. Just expertly done by the state of iowa the way they structured their case in reason tation so ultimately as we've been saying throughout this podcast the ultimate issue here in this case is whether or not she acted with this sudden irresistible impulse. Right you snap you. And the classic example. Is you come home from work and you open the door and your spouses in bed with someone else and you immediately act in u You know kill either your spouse there. Your spouse's lover or both them and that's the classic You know sudden passion like uncontrollable moment. But what the prosecutor had to do was point out that this was not that at all in fact this was the opposite of that..

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