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That right we met the wilson's in their friends at the republican party picnic on the fairground russia sheriff jerry rigs who says he used to 100 percent satisfied with the president's performance believes reporters are just getting in the way these getting a lot done behind the scenes that the media so shadows on the negative side is megan the twice or should we report what he tweets you know i think you probably should but it should be the main we need to get behind this president and quit majoring in minor claims in my opinion and let him do the job he he was elected speaking of elections his supporters here believe republican control of washington should produce big results but match y'all burgas concerned that congress is not helping a prime opportunity something that they wanted for years and would view as the voter be upset with them if they don't do what they said they were going to do the swazi really thought six months into his presidency they have four words of advice for mr trump steady as you go dean reynolds cbs news terror vote indiana two suspects were charged today and the murders of four young man on a philadelphia suburb the victims vanished last week today we learned some gruesome details dimarco morgan has in bucks county pennsylvania we were able to secure the two weapons that we allege were used in these four murder bucks county district attorney bad why trump announced constable denardo and sean croats have been charged with multiple counts of homicide for the depths of these four pennsylvania man deemed fina carrow tom mayo oh mark sturgess and jim patrick have all been positively identified why trump says the men were killed by twitter you did on solar blood best yesterday and 20yearold sean croats after the lord the four men onto autos parents farm with big drug deals there was an attempt to burn bodies to the face them to obliterate them but i don't believe that that was successful investigators say denardo acted alone would he allegedly took patrick who was the first to go missing to a remote area of the property and shot and killed him with a twenty two caliber rifle two days later authorities say that denardo and kratz shot and killed the other three man we did fine three of those young men buried deep within the ground under an old auriol tank that was converted into a corker about 12.

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