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Right now, a quick start for Georgia in the world's largest cocktail party in Jacksonville. But the Gators have just cut into that lead late first-half Oklahoma rolling against woeful, Kansas state, Iowa and Purdue has been a good one and Happy Valley trace McSorley left with a knee injury. But it's about to come back out. It was a good start for Houston. But south Florida has come back and that has been a wild shootout. So far late first-half in Houston, Missouri and Kentucky a defensive struggle in Colombia this afternoon. Not enough defence for Florida state to contain Clemson which rolls to its eighth straight win to start the year, fifty nine ten Wisconsin. Without Alex Hornibrook falls at northwestern. Thirty one seventeen still to come today. Washington state look. To build off its big win over Oregon a week ago. Takes on Stanford tonight Purdue couldn't build on its big win over Ohio State falling at Michigan state earlier today, Texas looks to make it seven in a row at Oklahoma state and unbeaten Notre Dame battles navy in San Diego tonight. Let's get you caught up on everything going on right now. I thought is Jacksonville for Georgia. And Florida here's Ken cross. The Gators forgot about the tight end here near the end of the first half fifty seconds remaining. Georgia took the ball or twenty five yard line quarterback. Jake, tidy and Isaac. Not I for gains of twenty seven twenty three nine yards. He got down inside the Gators rent. That's where the BULLDOGS are operating now on the five yard life Boris scored its first touchdown of the afternoon on a one yard belief as Franks run midway through the second quarter. A kept a fourteen play seventy. HR seven minutes. Forty four seconds ten seven BULLDOGS renting Florida five yard line. Six seconds to go before. Halftime. All right. Thank you very much. Chuck saw big first half for Jake Frahm who needed a bounceback and right now trying to get some more points before the end of the break. Let's go to Chuck as right now, it is falling apart in southern California for USC, here's Chuck with more. Thanks, rich. One fifteen remaining in the first half. It is twenty four seven at the start of the day for the sun. Devils running back. You know Benjamin. Yes. Carries for one hundred twenty five yards. Two touchdowns. The last one coming on a forty nine yard touchdown run. ASU had started to drive inside their own five yard line twelve. Plays ninety five yards with veggies converted auto great run for forty nine yards. Read with the extra point earlier on thirty one yard still. Vacant seventeen seven earlier run on a touchdown run in the first quarter. The highlight of the day for USC a eighty two yard putt returns. Jack services struggled USC has the ball inside issues territory. You're about to forty seven yard line. And he's willing to pass right now facing a steady rush from ASU and has not been able to get the football field to state route or Michael Pittman. So with one twelve remaining in the first half Memorial Coliseum. ASU twenty four USC seven Rodriguez Blankenship lining up for a field goal with six seconds left and Georgia up ten seven while he gets ready to kick that let's go to Randi heights and Norman were Oklahoma's handling Kansas state twenty three seconds left to go in the first happened. Oklahoma is rolling out a thirty four to seven latest score on a thirty two yard so by Austin, fiber. But before that Oklahoma Schuyler Murray took the team down the field and cap the driver the nine yard touchdown run and that made destroy bedtime. Thirty one to seven the latest score came after Oklahoma recovered. The fumbled kickoff by the walkout. Sinners? Unable to punch it in the again, thirty two yards. So got from cyber Murray has been incredible today. The only four inconsistencies on the day chew passing touchdown and one running touchdown. So far. I'm so generous quarterback Tyler Mary looking to become the third consecutive year for Oklahoma data Heisman finalists quarterback position again, twenty seconds. Thirty one seven thank you very much Randy heights in Norman to Adams bylane what a wild first-half. It has been in Houston between the Cougars in USF. Here's Adam and rich that I have is about to come to an end forty one seconds left and Houston has a twenty eight twenty one lead over south, Florida. Courtney a thirty yard touchdown catch from Jerry king that puts Houston back on top there up fourteen nothing Southport. It got the game tied at fourteen but saying Marquette Stevenson Arsenio Marquette Stevenson, a thirty eight yard touchdown catch king put Houston back on top twenty one fourteen but Johnny Ford ran went into seventeen yards tied the game now has the lead. And it looks like south Florida is going to have to punt with thirty six seconds left of Houston could wind up. With pretty decent field position. And they have all three of their timeouts. King today has thrown three touchdowns. He's thirteen of eighteen four hundred ninety one yard. He's also run one in from forty seven yards out so Houston with just one loss this season. And they will have the ball at their own thirty with thirty seconds left in the first half all three timeouts and they reached out for twenty eight twenty one. Thank you very much, Adam. Let's go to Penn State right now where it has been a good first half in an inconsistent one for Nate Stanley's, this one could be a lot worse for the Nittany lions. Let's check in with Jeff Byers. Yeah. Yeah. No question. Penn State hanging in right now, I was just converting on a big third or and the hawk now setting up shop persons had at their own forty seven. As we watch for the app is the first half remaining here in the second quarter lines. Got a store for John Reid interception. Set up first and goal at the I with three Tommy Stephen backup quarterback coming in from three yards tie the game. But the gal over connecting on a forty nine yard still long for the Hawkeyes the leaf act and the Christmas shortly did return to the game went one for three on his first possession back in the game here in the second quarter. But the Hawkeyes driving in Penn State territory. Have a hot is of a seventeen fourteen lead. We have one forty five remaining in the first half of beaver stadium. Mine in a low scoring one right now between Kentucky and Missouri. And so the three teams involved in the chase for the top spot in the SEC east all involved in low scoring affairs Blankenship is hit that field goal to make it thirteen seven Georgia at the half. Let's check in on Kentucky, Missouri. Here's Bill Pollack. Defense has been the story so far Mizzou going to make Kentucky beat them through the air. The Tigers have limited the cats top running back. Benny smell junior to just sixteen yards on seven carries quarterback. Terry Wilson completed his first seven passes to start the game. But Kentucky struggled on third down attempts. They went over three and they've only netted a field goal. Meanwhile, drew lock is taking care of the football for Missouri. He's struggled with that in SEC play. And the Tigers establishing their run game. Demaria Crockett thirty yards on six carries. And a touchdown Kentucky has the ball at their forty four yard line with five or four to go. Mizzou seven Kentucky three. All right. Thank you very much. Bill pollock. As Kentucky and Missouri are battling. And right now, it has been a tough go of it for USC in southern California. The Trojans playing with a backup today at quarterback with JT Daniels out are getting crushed by Arizona state, late first half twenty four to seven is we bring in chip Patterson of CBS sports dot com to take a closer look inside the Pac twelve we start with last night Utah. Did it again another forty point game? Now four in a row. The last time that happened. They were in the mountain west conference. What has been the biggest factor behind? This explosion chip. I think you gotta you gotta credit Zac moss and got a credit Tyler Huntley, right? Because every every Utah offense, you know, they have not been scoring forty points per game. But you offense has always been at its best. When it's backfield a solid, and that group those that do oh has been probably I mean, I'm I'm sitting here right now. Rich kinda scan through the Pac twelve south. I I don't know if there's a a quarterback running back duo that I would take over those two in that division. And so that's why you talk which has always been solid on defense. You know, when they are able to to have that kind of consistency. Now, all of a sudden, you're like, wow, this is this really is a team that is probably about to go win the division and maybe about to win the Pac twelve championship. So the, you know, continuing this on into November is going to be a challenge. But I don't think it's a challenge that you tell is incapable of of meeting, then I think that for Kyle Wittingham this. Affirmation of the plan an affirmation of what you have put in place in what you have continued to strive for over and over again, you mentioned the Pac twelve title. What would that mean for the U2. have been in the thick of it now for several years, but just have never been able to get over that hump? It would really be here. And again, I think if Utah gets there just more than a division title. I think they can win the Pac twelve championship in the Pac twelve championship Utah. Compare it to US's Pac twelve championship a year ago. Pac twelve championship did not do much for clay Helton did not really resonate with USC fans. Pac twelve championship for Utah fans. And for Kyle Wittingham goes very very far. And and again, I'll come back to it. The key word here is affirmation because Kyle Wittingham has just stayed totally in his lane done things his way, he's at full belief in. What's going on? There's been remember. There was times where things got very very turbulent for him both the administration and even on his own staff, but he just he's stuck to his guns. And now he's got Utah in a position where they're the class of the conference. Is it possible for Washington state to jump into playoff contention? Yes. It is possible. But it is important, but they still have to go do it. Right. Because we have these conversations in October. And even in early November, we say things like, okay. So if they went out are they in the playoff, but I have a big problem with conversations that start with if they went out when history is proven time and time again most teams do not win out, particularly when you're having the conversation in October. If Washington state wins out that includes wins against that includes winning today that includes winning. It's Washington at the end of the season and the apple Cup that includes winning the Pac twelve championship nip, those are tough games, not to mention just just navigating the rest of its schedule. So I I think that yes, if Washington wins out all the way, and they are. Sitting at the end of the season one loss Pac twelve champion. They're as much in the conversation for the college football playoff as one loss champion from the big twelve or even a one loss champion from the big ten or the ACC. So I I absolutely Washington state could get there. But I just think it's so important that you know, when we're having these conversations again in late October that if they went out still has to be done. It didn't take long for the air to come out of the Oregon balloon. They just another victim of the tough atmosphere of Pullman. Or did you see something there that concerns? You know, the reason I'm not concerned is that once they woke up they were fine..

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