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Gail and you as well take good care. Eighteen now. northern colorado's voice one. Oh three one thirteen ten. Kfi this time checks. Sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown bringing you an amazing up lifting production. It's hilarious of shrek. The musical now. Through august twenty second for tickets and show information just jump online. Visit colorado candlelight dot com candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown broadway in your backyard here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi everything you need to know about. Northern colorado is unknown codes. Weekdays at nine northern colorado's voice one three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. Well yellow in the house proverbially. Speaking but release speaking so is our own clark. Johnson voice of preps radio host of clark and the coach a weekdays right here on one zero three one. Ten k of k a northern colorado's voice at eleven and host of thirteen days. Thirteen teams are umbrella. Sponsor pro designed countertops specialists. And clark gould. Morning to you gould. morning. I love it. I love everybody who doesn't know the inside joke will parts of course our day sponsor and longtime supporter for us. My preps rewind show on the weekend on..

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