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World Radio with David and Alan Masters. Here's your host. Earlier this year, Mark Weinstein had a Ted talk that's impressive in and of itself, but the fact is that he talked about what is happening. With Facebook, acquiring a startup company that uses mind reading neural sensors to gather information directly from your brain. I think that's very matrix like Mark, and I'd love you to hear more about that. You know, Listen, everybody. This is really creepy, right? Especially because it's Facebook. So you know Facebook, already with the data they have enough can actually predict. Your moods, your votes, your emotions, your purchase decisions they can sell to marketers and advertisers exactly the angle to target U to get you to change your mind about an opinion or a thought or a vote. It was creepy, and now they're talking about these neural interface devices neural devices that they have bought companies that are developing neuro devices. That can recognize a small set of words and phrases. Thoughts inside your brain that they can translate immediately. You have a thought inside your brain and Facebook knows immediately what you are thinking now. Is that that John creepy does that sounds you know to futuristic begs the question, it begs. The question is Mark Zuckerberg. An android. I don't think he's human. I really don't. I'm serious. I think he's a strange cat. He doesn't see He seems like he's lost his humanity, and I wonder if he's been a subject of some kind of experiment. You know I can't speak to that. But what I can say is what prompted me to build me. We in the first place. Having built social networks before successfully was when Mark Zuckerberg did and every you about nine years ago, said Privacy is a social norm of the past. He said This in an interview. You right? And I was like, Are you kidding me? Man? Who are you that you get to decide for all of humanity? That privacy is a social norm in the past the prices over you don't get to make that decision, my friend I am coming in. I'm gonna build a company. We're going to stop this. That prompted me to build me. We Wow, He's referred to us as dumb efforts at various times, and he essentially treat you like cattle. That's all you are is cattle herd of sheep that he manages and controls people. Bs, right? I mean, you know, it was just this year in January, he said. Facebook is the bastion of free expression, and I'm like, Are you kidding me? You're manipulating everything that we think and do. We have no free expression on Facebook. You know, we had We were just we were discussing awards for lack of self awareness. So I would like Tonto nominate Mr Zuckerberg for lack of Self awareness Award for that particular statement. These people, businessmen They don't listen to themselves at all. No, but he has, you know, we had we give him credit for being a rather extraordinary businessman. But now we have to interrupt the Kool Aid. He's been feeding us because it's laced, it stated, and we've got to get also Facebook and we've got to go back there. Here's a beautiful thing. There's independent data that shows that on me. We which visit is about 19 minutes on Facebook was about 10 minutes. And why, guys? Why? Because you know, there was this old theory that was perpetrated by Google and Facebook and others that you know they could customize your new city to make it more interesting. But in fact Me we'd lose feet is more interesting. People spend longer time because it's actually authentically your family. Your friends and the pages to connect with. Nothing is interfering. So authentic communication is actually most interesting to us as human beings. You know, you've given us a great gift for Christmas. If you think about it, I want marvelous gift. And you know what? The part of giving a gift I'm an attorney. I have to forgive. I'm poisoned, but part of a gift is when it z2 part there's giving and accepting. So you've done the giving. It's just up to us to accept the gift and we'd be foolish not to Indeed. Absolutely adjoining, by the way, Patrick thank you for being our newest member at me. We and you know, bring your friends over. Have a great turnout. Guys. There's something else I wrote about this. Remember, I have our beds. The Wall Street Journal had not that in The New York Post, Uh, Memorial Day weekend. And I put it out because that on me, we nobody can pay. Huh? Everything into your news feed, and that's really critical. So you know, there is no concern about fake news or you know something getting perpetrated and brainwashing people because you can't have me also. Google's fight me we so you know, you can't Google me to say what did Mark wasting post on me? We have. There are no crawlers inside me with, you know, If you want to post something for the whole, merely community that you're sure you wanna be our member directory for the whole me, we community that's that's your choice. But Google telling your employers or you know your relationships or the schools you might want to attend. Etcetera. There's none of that. Really creepy. Be ever. You know everything you do on Facebook. You can just Google I like that use of the term them crawlers. I think that's appropriate. You know, I'm just reading a headline here, Mark, and it is that Facebook is funding brain experiments to create a device to read your mind. And this is big tech firms are trying to read people's thoughts and no one's ready for the consequences..

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