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Raleigh News Radio 700 WLW radar showing a cloudy sky Our current temperature 30 degrees of bank robbery is under investigation and an East side neighborhood high parks where bank was robbed Monday morning about 11 a.m.. The Madison rode US Bank location. Was held up by a thin, white, balding man in his thirties, wearing dark clothes in a white mask. He was last seen running towards Hyde Park Square collar store newsroom reported a large police presence and helicopters flying low while Cincinnati police searched the area. Even see a photo of the bank robber at 700 WLW calm. I'm Sandy Collins News radio 700 wlw shipments at the first doses of five years covered 19 vaccine arrived at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and I Wish You were Extra Medical Center today. Governor Mike DeWine and the first lady watched as ups deliver the first doses to wish you Wexner, The first recipient of the vaccine that you see medical was Kitty Walls, a registered nurse. Then who's in the cardiovascular ICU? Eight more Ohio hospitals will be getting their first doses of the coronavirus Corona virus vaccine tomorrow. For the very first time. We're vaccinating Kentucky ins against Cove in 19. And that is a very Positive step. It's the best news that we have had since the very start of this pandemic. Governor Andy Bashir was a little emotional this morning is five frontline health care workers at University of Louisville Hospital were the first to receive the Corona virus vaccine. Chief medical officer Dr Jason Smith was the first to receive the shot 11 hospitals and Kentucky will be receiving 975 doses. The vaccine tomorrow that includes ST Elizabeths in Edgewood, Kentucky today reported 1082 New cover 19 cases and 17 you deaths the University of Cincinnati football team will be playing in front of a limited number of fans when it takes on Tulsa and the American Athletic Conference championship game Saturday night. 1500 fans will be permitted. But that number does include players from both teams coaching staffs. The band and Spirit squad's aren't accepted is at 7 30. I'm Sean Gallagher news radio 700. W well, w. Whatever temperatures this winter brings, your friendly and knowledgeable Bryant dealer is ready to help. We're backed by outstanding heating and cooling products from one of the industry's most trusted names. Bryant to locate a dealer. Go to Bryant. Calm.

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