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Only 24 hour live news. Shit A next our media group station. It's 29 degrees at three o'clock. Good morning. I'm Steve or extent. Once again we end of the weekend that big local stories brewing. Possible Winter storm and a possible Chicago teacher strike. I'll fill you in in a moment that with the GM traffic watch out on the outbound, like between First Avenue And night. They have to do that stretch of road closed due to police activity. Mayor Lightfoot and CPS officials holding a late night news conference Friday night, providing an update on negotiations with the CTU over in class learning, the mayor says so far, no deal. Lightfoot says she and CPS Have met with the CTU over 70 times. We'll ask two weeks We've been negotiating over eight broad issues and they are safety and health protocols. Ventilation. Contact tracing Testing accommodations for staff. Safety committees. Revised closing metrics for when a class or school or the entire district must be shut down. And, of course vaccinations. CPSC CEO Dr Janice Jackson says that the union won't listen to expert guidance Union leadership has chosen to disregard the science on reopening schools in his state replace CDC guidance with their own gut instincts. They're Lightfoot says she and the CPS will not abandon negotiations. But Students in pre K special needs and kindergarten through eighth grade teachers and support staff are expected to be back in class Monday. CTU issued a statement late Friday saying teachers and staff will continue to teach remotely and safely until there's an agreement for a safe return to classrooms. Winter storm warning, in effect from three PM later today to 6 P.m. Sunday. Here's news Nation chief meteorologist Albert Ramon. I think we're gonna have a least a little bit of moisture coming in early tomorrow afternoon, but you won't really start to notice the snow start to come down until late in the afternoon. So let's go 5 p.m. tomorrow to midnight kind of the time frames. But whenever we have the heaviest snow snow accumulations between five and 11 inches expected. The full forecast is coming up a SWAT team on the scene Friday night at the John Hancock Center downtown Chicago. Police say it about 8:15 P.m., a team was sent to the building and the 100 block of East Delaware place. This after people inside, reported hearing a gunshot and found a bullet that had flown into an apartment. No reported injuries or arrests. If there were any in that situation. Chicago based United Airlines warning of more potential layoffs. 14,000 United employees have been put on notice they may face furloughs when federal eight runs out this April. The unions now calling upon lawmakers in Washington to provide another $15 billion incentive aimed at encouraging United to keep those workers on the payroll through September. 30th. United and other airlines have faced historic losses during the pandemic. Vic Vaughn WGN NEWS L. A Noise signature Senator Dick Durbin, announcing Friday that the Koven 19 vaccine doses sent the states will increase under the Biden Harris American rescue plan. Currently, we're receiving about 120,000 vaccinations a week in Illinois. That's going to go up slightly in the near future. The new plan but also increased funding for vaccinations and testing and allow for purchasing 200 million more doses of the covert 19 vaccines. Look at that with the GM sports a black cocks on home ice Friday night, dropping their third straight Columbus Blue Jackets, winning that game 2 to 1. The two teams play again Sunday night at the United Center..

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