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Swat teams in police dogs invading family homes and, confiscating computers cell phones financial records and. Other personal items far from having the right to remain silent victims of these rates were ordered by the police do not tell anyone. Our caller under the, threat of jail there have been dozens of these raids without any proof that the. Homeowners, criminals even though the Bill of rights, guarantees us protection against such invasion a look, through the lens of liberty show such abuse threatens the rule of line self the people are the owners of our rights we must tell legislators in no. Uncertain terms that such. Uses will not be tolerated for more, information not lensofliberty Dot org that's lens of liberty, dot org It could be several more days before we know who, won a closely watched GOP primary last Tuesday one hundred. Ten votes out of three hundred thirteen thousand that's the margin between first and second place in the count of votes. In the Republican primary for governor. Of Kansas the election is really razor thin the secretary of state Chris Kovac, holds that. Narrow lead over the current governor Jeff Collier we want to make sure the laws followed and everybody who has voted that they get their vote count, it all mail in ballots have been counted but there are still. Some nine thousand provisional? Ballots to be. Tallied so who will win Kovac doesn't know it could go either way the deadline to finish the count August twentieth and the candidates have until next Friday, to request a recount Hank weinbloom. Fox News multiple earthquakes in northern Alaska today the US Geological Survey says the magnitude six earthquake hit near the, city of CAC Ovik on Alaska's. North, Slope a little. More than six hours earlier a six point four quake struck the. Region about three hundred miles northeast Fairbanks shark weeks over but movie goers didn't get the message director John. Turtle top wanted to make the. Second best shark movie of all time his favorite jaws.

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