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LA district attorney for not stopping him when they had the opportunity to CAC wrote on Twitter in late July when you note it that's exactly what happened as a setting in basically in fewer about to about a half a year two. Very young gay black men who are like basically homeless have died of Odidi from drug overdose in this guy's apartment. The second one just happened. In July two thousand seventeen Gumbo. More twenty six year old black man died from methamphetamine overdose in bucks apartment. Shirley afterward. Cannock followed a tip from a colleague and reached out to Moore's friends and family who had discovered a journal among the possessions returned with Moore's body they were disturbed by what they said they found Moore's journal said that book got him hooked on meth and had drugged him against this will since Moore's death chemicals collected a trove of information and attempt to make the case that Ed book is a predator who preys on down on their luck black men by inviting them into his apartment and suggesting they try methamphetamine injections or slamming. Cac forty one an award-winning social commentary and former congressional press secretary started to investigate book just a few weeks after Moore's death Kennex sedative from a colleague led her to look into the prominent political activists Titian Nixon Moore's mother told Kinnock she had a lot of concerns and was not getting a lot of answers from the thority. We started to figure out there is a pattern and practice where he solicited. And went after young gay black men usually men who were homeless HIV positive, and we're need of food or money can said citing in person interviews. He conducted published people who said they had met buck for sex and drugs, not all these men were on drugs, and they met at bug Cannock added. But Ed buck got them on drugs. So this guy this is now two people fitting the same profile with died in exactly the same way in this guy's house, and in neither cases charges been filed. No the first time they just talked to an accident. And to at this point that doesn't seem like there's any indication that they're going to charge him this time either just like well, listen to this actually Marie Preston. A transgender activists and former board member of the stonewall democratic club of Los Angeles said she and Ed buck we're friends temporarily during their time on the board Preston later work to check book from the club where he'd been a lifetime member during a Mon retreat for the stonewall democratic club..

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