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Well, as I said for twenty twenty AMD, or number one gainer in the SNP, and I did think back this little preview of our weekend show. We were taking that earlier. And there's a great story that we've referenced about IP us and. That hearkens back to GPA's try graphics processor units. And that's where AMD and Invidia have really made their bones of late and these two stocks in Taylor rigs. Spoiler alert has great chart about this that we're gonna show in our weekend. Bloomberg BusinessWeek television show. They've really been outperforming, even the rest of the chip market and certainly Intel largely on the basis of that. And so more good news for AMD here. All right. So what to that one? I've been watching tesla today as well. That stock rallied almost it was up as much as seven point three percent by the close. At lost a little bit of that. But still with a gain of four point eight percent. More than nine bucks to two hundred five dollars ninety five cents a share and Tessa above two hundred two hundred five dollars ninety five cents a share to be exact trading two hundred amid some reports suggesting some strong sales. So it looks like there's some news out there, a growing course of Alison press reports suggesting that Tesla's deliveries to customers may have started to strengthen during the second. Quarter of the latest coming from electric, which on June fifth cited unidentified people to say that the automaker has reached record sales numbers in North America. And we know the story because tesla has really been beaten up by investors, stocks down about thirty eight percent this year. So again, some enthusiasm, let's not also, let's also point out that if you take a look at some of the technicals, the stock by many measurements is oversold at this point, the retailer is really dominating the red side of the ledger, here, L brands is your number one decline or down four point one four nothing specific. It seems. But more just some general Malays and Dave Wilson talked about this a little bit earlier around the retailer's. Macy's also down at home was the name that we've been talking about quite a bit. So a certain segment of the retail segment of the retail sector, I should say, really suffering right now, some questions about whether consumers. Are being are as enthusiastic about some of his names. I wanna mention apple if I may stock was up about one and a half percent today closing at one eighty five twenty two one story that caught my attention business inside a reporting. And I think we had some reporting on it as well. That apple is in the process of buying self driving shuttle firm, Dr dot I the information reports citing to unidentified people briefed about the situation business insider, also putting things out plans to buy this company for their engineering staff to boost its own development of self driving vehicles. Nobody commenting on it, but I just thought it's fascinating as we continue to see you're not auto companies move into the auto world or try to are getting some initial headlines from beyond meet their first quarter net revenue coming in at forty point two million dollars. That's I is a preliminary estimate thirty eight million to forty million. Of course, this is their first. Report as a publicly traded company, first loss, coming in at ninety five cents a share. We'll have more on that as it develops just seeing it Saks up about one percent here soon bouncing around at rallied quickly bump up initially on those headlines. Now it's down about half a percent. It's bouncing around everybody. I think we're all trying to figure out exactly what these numbers mean we're looking for comparisons. So we'll continue to track that company taking a look at volatility, Vicks down about one percent closing at fifteen point nine two. This is Bloomberg..

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