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I'm more of a night out Well, staying later is another way to avoid traffic on the bridge. Businesses on the eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay Get average traffic updates at the mdta on Twitter or bay bridge dot com. When you hear that hunger calling your name, then you need to get some food. Gotta find yourself a box weather. Open it up. Whether cooking something good Listen. There's something for my machine ain't no halfway in between. Gotta give me something I ate before I follow from the people. Then hop on that old horse of yours and head on down. The Roy's, Yeah. Roy Rogers Restaurants invite you to try their new dynamic burger. It's a juicy burger topped with the jalapeno poppers. Tripoli ranks us pet Project cheese and bacon. Roy's They say How Leahy and they welcome you to say so Come on down to boys and have a cowboy kind of deep. Yeah. Dynamite burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's one dynamite burger Doordash and Uber Eats are available at participating restaurants Will health dot com From the blue ox heating and air traffic centers will get the road still got an accident on Lafayette Freeway, northbound blocking the right plane. Lafayette Bridge earlier accident, causing delays on eastbound 94 between 94 radio drived and then 4 94 North and Tamarack Road to 94 heavy Having on the ramp to 94 because of that crashed Guest traffic on.

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