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Crap. I look in all seriousness. I love the honest to goodness. I love the guy of so. I'll say i actually asked this question. I had matt welsh on my podcast now. That name might not mean much to some of your listeners. But matt welsh has been associated with reason magazine for a long time and there was a little bit of a spat between reason magazine and me and i i don't i don't wanna fight with people i honestly don't and so michael said you know you two should should hash this out. So we both went on michael's podcast and then we each went on each other's program. So i had matt well. John and the very first question. I asked i said now. Look you and i have been tiptoeing around this and we have to. He's thinking i'm going to ask him about rothbart. Some controversial figure and i said but we just need to get this question on the table. What do you like best about michael. So he's off. Okay that i am but what he said was was quite similar. My own answer. Which is his loyalty malice again. If you don't know michael mouses follow me on twitter you'll never be the same again. Your brain will be more but in a good way. It's a good kind of warping that occurs when you follow malice. But he is a. He's a very loyal friend if he's your friend he's your friend through thick and thin and i saw that the very first time. I met him very first time. I met him when you would think you know you're trying to be friendly very first time. You you know you wouldn't really try to open up pandora's box or or cause controversy. Just want to become friends. And i made a comment about somebody. It turns out he likes respects very much and instead of just letting it pass. It's just in the interest of of keeping our first meeting pleasant whatever he gently but firmly pushed back against an explain the merits of this person and i remember thinking. Wow if he'll do that for this person you know. I guess he just does that for his friends. And that's that's how he's the kind of guy some terrible is happening in my life and he'll get on the phone for an hour and a half with me and we'll work it up and there just aren't that many people in this world like that and he doesn't always give away his softy side online and he seems like he's tough as nails sometimes but he is deep down a softy tree at twitter michael malice in real life. Michael mauser. not exactly the same person and say you've talked about michael malice longer than ron paul. I don't know. I had a self because over the course of my career. I've trust me. I've talked about ron paul. Another question from superfan. What's with all the books.

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