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Of Portland, the Knicks, the sons and the Jazz. I love this idea. Yeah, it's a great idea. Exactly what you talked about Teams that maybe weren't expected to be there. You can also t up some real good. Late season matchups Teams near the top of the standings of those at 7 10 playoff format. Put those guys together allows for a lot of creativity and a much better schedule going forward. Testy JB back to you guys in Atlanta. What do you think? I'm a humble because I would love to see them. Are there any fall back to contact you think of David. I'm with all three. But it's easy to do that right now when arenas are being used for other Event. Thanks. That's right. I mean, you got concerts. You've got other sports. You've got all kinds of different things. I think it be a logistical nightmare to try to get the schedule. But no question would be better because we would get better matchups for the national TV schedule schedule and For casting an eye and PJ. It's fresh on Kelly to head out with, like, Kev said to go to some places we haven't been to a while. The baby because the Phoenix Yes, baby, you know the weather is good there. P. J. Let's do a three man booth out there, and I think they got green grass stuff out there that we could For sure You ran with the turnover here? That's right. I'm with you on that one. B J hears ya Tous short jumper Good after a turnover from team Durant. Down floors. I'm just able to come up with it tried to bounce it off A of yolk. It's no good. It will stay with team LeBron. Our score. Here is Team LeBron 64 Team Durant's 63 5, 45 and counting to go in the first half. We're also watching the quarter score. Another $150,000 on the line quarter is tied at 24 years. He honest at the top. He's gonna take on Zach Lavine drives a deep gets out love turns and frozen home. Zach, who Hey, hey, was out of the picture in about a New York minute. Good luck, Little Milwaukee versus Chicago. Here, Zion From the left corner. Pass up top to Levin. Oh, nice little hesitation. Move. Step back. Three. No tip by Yokich. Outta bounds of stays with Team Durant. He mentioned his eye on and I think the pelicans one of more disappointing teams for me, I thought that they Be a team to be reckoned with. Certainly know, maybe 678 seed. It's been taught that a great win against Utah and then they back it up with the home loss to Chicago. Inbound Julius Randle pits it in New Orleans, sitting at 11 in the West. We're gonna get New Orleans next Sunday night, our first game out of the chute for the second half. There's a lot that went in. I don't even know if God has touched it when it went in the basket. 68 65 team LeBron with five minutes to go here in quarter number two in Atlanta. The 70th NBA All Star game Jack Levin drives in lays it in two on the board for Zach. Back and forth we go a 68 67 team LeBron lead Here's Steph Curry, trying to put Zach Lavine on skates. Lost it back to half court says I can shoot from here another near 40 footer from on top. Come on, staff, intentionally miss dribble that to get back out that far. I think he did. There's a long three missed by Mitchell offensive rebounds, Ion and he throws it home about 20 points a game in the paint from our serious Z Crazy, rambunctious fellow, especially when they know what they're gonna do that that's what you wanna do. Is Chris Paul circling inside and finds Janette's right in the middle of the lane. And that means he's new to the rim for another flush, casting novices nine for nine for 19 points in eight minutes, That's pretty productive. It's better when he's not the captain. He's over to is the captain. I think he likes being on TV. I guess too much pressure. I mean, and you said it at the stop like when he found out who was on team LeBron, he said. It's over over. Well, it's only a four point games. Extras got a four point game, the team LeBron up 73 69. Four minutes to go in the half three point quarterly Continue. LeBron here's step back three from the wing. That's good. James Harden with a triple to tie the quarter score over his former rocket mate. James had a lot of former rocket mates, right. He has been amazing, right? Westbrook was there. Yep, just a year ago. So call to Paul Is there James James play with some pretty good guys like started with Durant and Westbrook in Oklahoma City, and he gets for small that they tried John Wall and Marcus cousins this year. James didn't like that very much did it? Apparently not. And he heard a little bit of booze, You know, small crowd they were like putting his put his jersey up. There's curry another deep two from the left side for Steph Curry. His team. LeBron goes up three hardens. Going to answer with a three from the left is off the mark. Yannis rebounds 3.5 to go second quarter up ahead to Paul Paul, probing of the paint sends it back. Damian Lillard will try a three at Hill. Knock it home team LeBron by six exact Levine dribbling out on the right side. 3 15 on the clock, Senator Mitchell history. No good. Yannis rebounds under the basket. Five point lead in the quarter for LeBron team LeBron looking at doing here? Here's Yana shot to show up that handle bounces it toe. Paul makes the catch lips and puts it in. I thought he was gonna throw it down. Reverse action, right? Time out, Doc Rivers, but three minutes to get back in this to get that 150 for the United Negro College Fund for Team Durant in LeBron, leaving the quarter by seven and leading the game by a team LeBron 80 team Durant 72 to 57 left in the half..

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