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League minutes since he went to crystal Powell. So obviously you're not basing that on form right now. So what are you basing Richards at number two? 'cause that's really the spot everybody's talking about, right? We assume it's walker Zimmerman and whoever's number two. Yeah, there are a few factors here. The biggest one is sealing. I just think it's sealing so much higher than any other center back. He's a good explosion waiting to happen. A lot of talent right there. And the second one is how you pair them with walker Zimmerman. I've seen Aaron long and walker zoom in. I've seen what I can get out of them. And the tandem while if you're going to fend only first could be effective, you're asking these guys to play out of the back. You're asking them to build your offense. Stay within possession, penetrate lines. That combo, you saw what happened against Japan. You saw what happened against Saudi Arabia too. Yes, World Cup opponents, but nowhere near where you want to get to the World Cup which is the latter phases. So Chris Richards is a great compliment to walker Zimmerman. Now walkers has gotten a bad rep, if you will, when it comes to his playing out of the back ability, but he can play out of the back end different fashion. So the way those two can play out of the back walkers and his long switch walker Zimmer and the physicality was walker Zimmerman can give you on the offensive end of the ball and set pieces and Chris Richards left footed profile, clean feet, penetrating balls within midfield, a good switch as well. I just think it's the partnership that compliments each other the most and Chris Richards of a ceiling alone has to be in the number two spot. Richard's got to get healthy. That's important right now, Patrick Vieira giving an update that as of earlier this week, which is still not a part of group training. So time starting to run out on Chris Richards who, of course, missed out on the last window. You've got Aaron long at number 5. And obviously Aaron long is a lightning rod for criticism, right? If you've got him at number 5, you're saying he's going, but probably not starting. Today. Probably an emergency use player. If he does have to start, can the U.S. win a game at the World Cup with Aaron long as a starting center back? I've got no issue with Aaron long starting a game in the World Cup if what you're trying to do is hold the zero. If you're not trying to build out of the back, if you're not trying to construct cleanly, if you expect the whole time that what you will be doing is defending. A player like Aaron long, when physically fit has shown he can be of use to you, but when you Greg burr halter asking him to do certain things that he's not doing weekend and week out with the New York Red Bulls, it's a disservice to air and long. It's a disservice to the U.S. national team, a disservice to yourself. And you're not going to gain anything out of that. Can he be a productive player for you at times and that's up? Sure, maybe. Will that happen probably the majority of that time? No. So if you're at an event first type of shell or type of mode, then airline could be a player that you can use. I mean, pre Achilles injury, he was a very good player. Actually a very trusted player for Greg berhalter and nobody had an issue with them. It's him coming back now that people have an issue with because they don't necessarily think he's been one of the better players in Major League Soccer in his position. All right, let's move from American center backs to American goalies because American goalies

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