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And those episodes actually performed some of our worst performing episodes. So I think a lot of the illusion is if I can get gary on my show, he's going to promote it to his audience and then I'm just going to get this flock of new subscribers but Gary v's famous because he creates his own content. So he's busy promoting his own content any should be so he's not gonNA give he might do favor of being on your show like he did for for me, but he's certainly not going to spend any energy promoting that content maybe fifty people end up seeing it because he puts it in. An instagram story or I get a cameo in daily series. But it's much smaller than you think and so to build your entire strategy on what influence or can I get on my show as opposed to how can I actually interview the practitioners at companies that can legitimately make a buying decision for my product or service that's a much smarter play. The content's going to be way relevant to the other people that you want listening to the show, and that relationship can actually turn into revenue for you. Yeah. I made check off a life goal for meeting a man crush like Gary fee which I like you have. Readily, admit that. Super inspired by his work and yet great to have him interviewed. If you're an advocate for your audience and I love that you talk about being an advocate for your audience. I've talked a lot about this on this show. Jordan Harbinger talked about that on the first episode it's just so critical that we're always thinking about the audience and thinking about how we can serve them providing them with actionable tactical. Apply, right and Area B may provide a few of those but he may be promoting something. He may be talking about something else and he may only give us a certain amount of time right I. Know You had a limited amount of time for your interview with him. Let's talk about the landing guests part of this whole equation 'cause. Outline a seven part system and I'M NOT GONNA, ask you to recite all unless unless you can which by all means go for but maybe some highlights I, love the tips that you gave and so I'm curious what your suggestions are. Yeah. So so you've got to be thoughtful about the subject line and particularly the I. I don't even know if I talked about this in the book, but like looking at your email through the Lens of how the person on the other end is going to see it on their phone. License. If I'm working on a subject line, I'll literally send it to myself. Long. Maybe it gets truncated and mobile maybe now I think on some phones now at truncates. So it goes doesn't trunk as it drops to the next line, but actually like writing out the email, sending it to myself in seeing like, okay what's the first sentence? What do they see in that? For Sentence? What do they see in the subject line and I'm looking for is This going to be something that's going to make them want to engage with it. If is it all about me or is it all about them and the other piece that I see people screw up with outreach?.

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