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Hussein tourney Lee Kentland tells news channel thirteen prosecutors of have this information for weeks and what is even more striking is that Mavis he clearly did not perform a brake job and what is more shocking to me as a as a parent as someone who drives the streets is how many more times this might have happened Kaelin says the shows his client is one hundred percent innocent in his words what the district attorney now has is proof that somebody else very deliberately did something the call is the crash state police report in may said that catastrophic brake failure was to blame DMV now says it will pursue the allegations to the extent of its authority on my graduate maybe is issued a response late Wednesday calling the statements attributed to former store manager virtual parking inaccurate or misleading adding Mavis is committed to providing high quality safe and affordable services to customers and service and billing policies are honest and fair company calls this a dance for diversion tactic to shift responsibility away from naman Hussein where it's solely belongs statement adds a little travel to over a thousand miles over several months after it was serviced in Saratoga springs during that time the company says Hussein committed serious crimes by among other things to buying in order to take the vehicle out of service maybe says its condolences are with the families but it didn't cause the accident if there's no legal responsibility like Patrick news radio eight ten one oh three one W. G. Y. a brand new fox news poll looks at how voters feel about the path toward the possible impeachment of president trump boxes going all Scott right now fifty one percent of voters surveyed want to see president trump not Justin peach to but removed from office of those who say the president is being treated unfairly twenty one percent say he did nothing wrong twenty percent say impeachment is politically motivated then there's the call between president trump in the Ukrainian president on what president trump says is corruption by Joe Biden the conversation was I think a perfect conversation sixty six percent of respondents say that kind of call asking a foreign leader to investigate arrival is not appropriate forty three eight percent say what was said by the president constitutes an impeachable offense colonel Scott fox news WGY news time five thirty three it's now a two person race for mayor in Troy Republican Tom real drops out after what was described as a heated meeting with several GOP officials including Rensselaer county executive Steve McLaughlin operations director ridge crest and former congressman John Sweeney according to the times union McLaughlin and Chris screamed at real threatened his job as a long time state Senate Republican aide is name will still appear on the ballot the race now centers around democratic incumbent Patrick Madden former council president Rodney Wilshire at a three way debate last month real it was critical of the city's failure to re open the south Troy pool life first came and.

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