President Trump, White House discussed on Michael Savage


Me after our meeting the president the White House he called me a message was wasn't just militarily it was all a basically their relationships will be sour but you would that we would stop giving him any kind of a the the last of us that there was an announcement made was several things it was impossible demands at that point a the most important was announcement of the by the mastication he now is that what Giuliani told them or that would he assume from Giuliani or is that what trump told Juliette like we don't know because again parties didn't speak directly to trump that any of these things and nobody who is close to trump has testified about any of these things it is very unlikely by the way that Rudy Giuliani's gonna end up testifying because he's got a attorney client privilege when the president of the United States in the big question here with partners is who's the guy working for and the answer pretty obviously is not from according to ed Morrissey over and hot air he says is a Cui bono question or maybe more of a queen none bono question let participar last night on MSNBC in his first major interview telling Rachel Maddow that his efforts to get Marie about image removed as US ambassador to Ukraine in twenty nineteen had everything to do with Joe Biden Donald Trump now as far as do you believe the part of the motivation to get rid of your bondage was that she was in the way of the effort to get the government of Ukraine to announce investigations of Joe Biden and Harris says that was the only motivation there's no other motivation well not so much because they'll call reporter has pointed out Chuck Ross pointed out correctly that depending and I've been against parties blames that on the Ukrainian official indictment is in public record for three months Maddow didn't bother decided the theory of the crime allegedly committed by part as anywhere from minutes Callie is that they took Ukrainian money and pass it off as domestic contributions to benefit and then sitting US Congress person in the spring of twenty eighteen the entire point of the operation was an effort by one or more Ukrainian officials to get this Congress person to urge from to recall you manage and that effort had nothing to do with the bidens Furthermore last November let's put himself himself with the effort in April twenty eighteen rather than spring of twenty nineteen at a super pac man partisan from told truck Benjamin told trump the amount of it was bad news that even mentioning anything about the mines so now he's claiming that he's only going after your manager trumps behest but it's pretty obvious that he was the one who is pushing about images ouster at the behest of Ukrainian business people which is not the same story at all as it Morrissey notes it's very curious the matter didn't ask about this indictment or part of his own previous account when Paris claimed that the Biden probe was the only motivation urban justice never alleged that this had anything to do with an investigation of any other U. S. person but only intended for the removal Ivanovic for the unknown purposes of one or more officials in the Ukrainian government at the time the government of put Petro Poroshenko but the timing in specifics of the part is a strong actions tend to corroborate that point far more than they do hi this is later claim that this is all about biting and trump now it is possible that trump got suckered into cooperating I all this but are you believe this on on all of that also again I have some questions about the documents the part is turned over to the Democrats the guy is literally under indictment for falsifying documents but here's an interesting don't worry we'll start we're still going through the part as documents and new evidence is likely to emerge there is a tremendous volume of documents.

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