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Wow, that's the worst band name of my life. We've talked about this. Have your band name one word and it's fucking an animal like beetles or the lions. You know. That's your band name. Would you ever do a live? This is something as Sam bridge Sam at bridge San zero zero. Would you ever do a live podcast? That's my standup bro. What does that even mean? They asked me to do it at this festival there like, would you do congratulations podcasts a live show. That's my stand up. It would just be basically a less Laffy version of my of my standup. What would that? I guess, and then I would put it out, I guess. I guess I put it out and have to have the the fucking it would be like a a knock good version of my standup. Although some people like my podcast better than my stand up, my dad took me side once and it was like, hey, some people were sweeten online that they like your podcast better than you stand up. How is that possible? So like I don't know. He's like you work on your stand up for fucking years and podcast. Sometimes you say it doesn't even make sense. I was like, yeah, I know. I don't know if we're going to get. He goes live on is that for being of some episodes, some guy wrote. Okay. This is a good question. Vincent list. Lavar Doni say talian. What do you do to get through nights where you feel anxious or not mentally prepared to form, but still have to. Well, you know what I have fucking saying, well, it's not even a saying, but it's something I realized the first time I did an actual show when I did stand up, I had done open mics, but I hadn't done an actual real show and I invited some of my friends. This is my first like real actual show and many times can I say that but. I didn't understand. Oh, so nervous and anxious was like, I gotta go on stage, but how am I going to get up stage of get up on stage when the name and I literally thought, okay, if I could just move each leg. In front of each other one at a time. I'll eventually I'll be on stage and then people will be looking at me and I'll be, I'll have to talk. I'll have to start talking. So I focused on just moving one of my legs at a time, which is so dumb, but it worked..

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