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Principles and things that he thinks is a good way to write software and mike feathers. Lovely feathers of legacy coach fine. He noticed that the first five of these of these acronyms as principles. If you if you change the owner of it spelt solid then became a thing of solid. Is this satified principles including things. I single responsibility. independence the kind of touted as as as the epitome of clean tailored i was looking at these and scratching my head. And i was thinking annoying Rubbish while in all know kingdom. It just occurred to me that that kind of that kind of just the like neither necessary nor sufficient for good i can i can pick. That does not have sol ohio characteristics and is fine. Ride likewise i can look at code that has all characteristics and is still a mess. Bryce site quickly doing the doing. The five is a quickly mentioning. You say you're not hating on it. However i'm looking at a blog post where you start out by saying why every single element of solid is wrong. Exactly not you are what i needed. What i needed clearly says dylan is an inflammatory tyson for my hignett's toke. So with every single element is wrong. It wasn't just click by lazy right. I i figured is. There's five principles. If i say one slide to introduce the principle one slide to site why don't agree with it. Oh where it goes role or whatever and a third to say what i do instead. I figured that times five. Fifteen slides top. And taylor don so basically i had a five minute to rotate. So that only works. If i decided old five elements row so see how single response meditate you have even plays you have substitutes ability you have interface segregation and you have dependency inversion. I'm really surprised. I got five. I'm on the order.

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