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At all right eight five two one. Two four two two seven. That's a peek behind the curtain seventy five. Percent of the time I'm usually usually, need to be reminded Sean you. Have, another guy go read. It so. I got. It done tonight boys I'm focused on it all right This. Is going to, be kind of a short. Segment so, we'll squeeze, a, couple, of, you, in. Here but if you're on hold stay. There I'm going to work. Through the entire foam board between now and. The and the top of the hour, Eddie tweets my children deserve no. Less, than lane kiffin and. Tom Herman That. Feels tongue in cheek I, don't know. That lane kiffin would be I I almost feel philosophically opposed to sending my kid to a coach who. Has spent, one year at a school in left lane kiffin data, Tennessee That would scare, me a little too much if I were choosing based on the coach and Tom Herman it's funny that Minnesota's not Minnesota I'm sorry Maryland, story I actually thought a Tom Herman. And reading that Maryland story not because Tom Herman did, God, awful things like make his fat. Offensive lineman, binge eat Candy bars and force feed player who's trying to put on weight in throw two guys to my knowledge Tom hermit. Hasn't done any of those things but some of the stuff Durkan and his. Staff were doing is pretty typical of a new staff. That comes in you don't get you up for the six. AM workouts that you're never doing runs, you, to the point that you might be vomiting now they, don't usually do it in one hundred degree heat, and, if you show signs of heat stroke generally, coaches, are, going to You know allow you to stop and. Hydrate as opposed to calling you names, and, making you finish the run But the. Stories of Herman when he came to u. of h. r. legendary he locked the players out of the gym. One time, his first year here is I spring here because he didn't like the way they were working out And he worked hard when he first, got here that's what you have to do. Sometimes if the previous coach was either someone who is a little softer or someone who they had tuned out But obviously what went on at Maryland goes way above and beyond locking, kids out of a gym at six AM or. Whatever for workouts I'm just saying. Like it's not a typical for coaches come in and be real hard owes the first year that they're there And it's not atypical four to work either I mean it it it. A lot. Of times you do, see better results there's a reason why the new coaches there the results were subpar the previous season alright So where do you want to send your kid to. Play for which coach we go to Alabama. And JT JT you're on CBS sports. Radio What's going on on the Houston right now humid baby humid but it's okay it's all good Man that's? All right we, gotta we are. Things in Alabama Cruel summer night over here I couldn't complain yeah good job, as far as the? Like who, am I saying you know what am I send? My kid to play for, I know after the. Screener I know he. Has this is first season we've been watching them on. ESPN for all these years but I was saying my kid to coach her network Okay Gimme gimme your thought process. There Well I mean you hear him talk all the time Say? Is, like if, you're in the club after after midnight Not good it's going to happen in the always talks about Become a man even monopole level guys on, the phone. Level they're still only like. Nineteen twenty twenty. One twenty. Two I. Mean, there's my kids my my big go. Ahead I'm sorry no. I was gonna say JT I'm sorry my my biggest fear here's my biggest fear with Edwards is I'm not sure he's going to be there in a couple of years because I don't think I don't know that he's. Going to get the results that Zona state is looking for I feel he's I just some of the things he's done the way the program set up. The shock that he had this to. How hard recruiting, is it feels like they hired a guy. First of, all he was hired as sort. Of a favor you know he's got a relationship. With the I'm. Not denying anything you're saying about. Her words the man JT I think he's a good man I think he would be a guy. Who would probably teach your kids, to do right from wrong. And I think from that standpoint I think he'd be awesome I just don't think he's going to win a football, games to be there for more. Than a couple of years and I'm not sure, totally committed he is to? Being a. Great college football coach you know what I'm saying Yeah. That is a big question Yeah On another note today was the first time I watched the full eighteen hole golf in. Life ten? Years. Yeah The camera pan on the crowd and you could, see people wanna rule for more now because you're. A chink in his armor, now is, a, regular do, now and you could see. Just like like just crazy they had like the filing you know they're they're fighting look. On their? Face Yeah Absolutely. JT no. Question appreciate the phone. Call They had to finally. Look on their face and here's the thing we all. Love a good redemption story and tiger hit rock bottom tiger. Hit rock bottom maritally hit rock bottom physically he hit rock. Bottom perceptually. If that's a word Speaking specifically to the DWI video where. He. He looked horrible and it. Was a bad situation I I respect anybody who comes all the way back and tiger over these last few tournaments he's had the best composite score over the last. Two majors get one more, in here at the bottom of the hour to, Wesley we go Wesley welcome on CBS sports radio Actually yeah hey, Wesley How? Are we. Doing today I'm? Good, how. Are, you We're? Doing fantastic. I'm I'm calling Several, guys hit on the coaches efforts which. Was a more than quality coach. But he cares about his kids I have friends that have a couple of friends that, have kids in work done during and they have. Wonderful things to. Say about him But I on overlooked Division one day That will be I think in future because I have friends that have kids that play under him is, major Applewhite Houston Yeah no. Major major comes on, our, show every week here, in Houston I think majors. I major is a. Good example of that I think? Here's. Well, he he's division one a he's. Just group of five he's not power five so just to make that distinction yes, sorry didn't mean to cut you off we're up against it at the bottom of the hour majors a solid, guy, majors solid guy who has been through his own set of self inflicted circumstances that he has, bounced back from which again I respect greatly and I'm rooting for you to have a big year. This year in Major's, got, a pretty good pedigree on. Him to just in terms of the coaches at he's coached under he coached. Under, Tom Herman which makes this job here you've h tough from the standpoint of Herman is such a dynamic, charismatic personality now the way he left didn't sit well with a lot of u. of h. people from that standpoint major there's a loyalty. Factor with major. That I think you have h. people like the question is how many football games is going to win He probably needs to win more than he did last year bad last year But he probably needs to win more Get that, taste, of winning eleven or twelve, games man and it gets gets intoxicating Eight. Five five two one two. Four CBS if you wanna get any of your on hold right now stay. There we're gonna work through phone calls here. In the final segment of the show it. Is the bottom, of the hour though right now it's time for, a, sports update here's Darwin's book.

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