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Interdepartmental just inter family thing Lewis has deputies from the same academy classes. Joseph Solano came up with the idea to raise money for the family. So Lana was shot in the head at random last week, a citizens group has started a campaign to recall. Mayor garcetti. We have a big fight ahead of us, which is why we are also asking the mayor to step down because he should not. He's put this city through enough. He should step down. You know we realize it's gonna be a big effort. The group's spokeswoman Alexandra data started an online petition calling for cities, recalled two weeks ago, but those signatures will not qualify. Data says more than ninety two hundred people signed the online petition three hundred fifteen thousand signatures will be needed if they want to put that recall in the ballot and twenty twenty Garcetti's term is up in twenty twenty two PGA has agreed to pay a billion dollars to local governments were power lines sparked wildfires most of that money will cover the wine country. Fires in two thousand seventeen and the fire that killed dozens less. You're in paradise BGN is also facing at least thirty billion dollars in damages once all the lawsuits play out for local governments insurance companies and private property owners President Trump's tweets about mass immigration raids have prompted a rapid response in LA created this network for this very reason for humane immigrant rights, LA campaign. Coordinator, shamming Camacho, says that reason is to prep and help immigrant families. If the president holds true threat to deport millions even though they may be undocumented. There are constitutional rights, they are afforded macho says activated its raids rapid response network after the president's tweets it is a coalition of different organizations attorneys community members to be able to respond to enforcement is, we've also drew a response from mayor Garcetti, who called them dangerous, inhumane disgraceful in LA, Chris ancarlo, KFI news. We are going.

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