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In parliament. And i'm pleading with the parliamentary authorities not to exclude women from our politics by making it so complicated by talking about constitution that we don't have but ignoring their public sector equality duties which we do have an are written into law. I'm very pleased to have the support of michigan dharar in the doughty street chambers to challenge all of this because i think this is my second baby and as you can tell with problems. I've had i won't be doing this again. But i know of thousands of brilliant women out there in our country who would make fantastic political representatives and they deserve better. This is not good enough. This is not what would happen in any other employment role. This is what the real world saying parliament saying. Well hang on a minute. The concept of maternity cover is perfectly well established. I can go in and speak on a keep in touch day but my locum that i pointed previously filled all those gaps and allowed me to be with my first child. Why's my second child going to be denied the opportunity because they can't understand two and a half years later but the lack of women in public life isn't an issue that they have to ignore. It's an issue. They have to address. I want to ask you a couple of other issues about a couple of other issues before we let you go. I am grateful for your time today. Because i know that you have been helping them well over the last few days so i am grateful to you. You will have seen a lot of reporting in recent days about the violence on the campaign trail in in the battling spend by-election which is taking place tomorrow. In west yorkshire muniz been reports of people being attacked during canvassing being punched kicks been faked lattice distributed and this claims that people are some people within the community trying to stoke up divisions there. This of course is a constituency where jaycox was murdered. Back in twenty. I mean i don't get into the specifics of what's happening about leeann span but as a female. Mp today in twenty twenty one. How vulnerable do you feel. I think we have all seen. And we've all experienced the abuse harassment the disproportionate attacks the take on our colleagues of women of color. I think of up experiences. For example. And i think what we're all very worried about people today is just online. Actually this is offline too. I've had people screaming and shouting me in the street..

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